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    Tanksgiving apoc battle

    Hi all,

    My local GW store is doing a 3000 point APOC battle, but with a catch. Its "tanks-giving." What does this mean?

    All models with a "tank" descriptor are FREE. Thats right FREE, so in addition to the 300 points all tanks are free, this is going to be a blitzkrieg.

    To me it seems obvious that Guard will have a clear advantage in this.

    Last weekend we did a SM vs everyone Apocalypse battle and they had Traitor guard, which for lack of a better word, wiped the floor with us (until I got my sgt and captain to melta bomb all 3 structures points in one turn-hehe).

    How would one prepare for such a battle. I am assuming the teams will be very similar to last weeks game with Sm vs everything. (they had 2 nid payers, 1 tau, 1 traitor guard, 2 chaos, 1 eldar, and 1 necron) We had all space marines, Ultra, Salamander, black Templar, Space Wolf.

    Here is my concern and where I need help. I play SM and only have one Rhino. How should I prepare for this aside from fielding infantry in points of cover. I am considering getting a bunch of DP, and some scout bikers to do an orbital assualt of my entire force behind their lines.

    Also, have scouts with infiltrate and have all our Termies (which will be about 6 squads of 5) deep stiike either into an objective or behind the enemy and go to town.

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    Sounds like an obvious ploy to get people to buy some tanks from the store. You could go with a light, fast, tank hunter army. Lots of speeders with multi-meltas, scouts with power fist sgts, assault squads with meltagun and melta bombs, etc... Also, terminators with chainfists or thunder hammers go a long way against tanks. If they have spent their 3000 points wisely, they will have a lot of infantry protection around their tanks, so it might not be feasable to engage vehicles in close combat.

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    One of you drop lots of sternguard,tactical squads,dreads,vanguard vets,and melta them,while the rest of the buddies(allies)handle the rest?

    So including baneblades is for free too?
    Praise be to the Emperor!!

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