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    Tips for a successful deployment

    Deployment Tactica

    Well about a week ago iskate asked if there was a deployment tactica. So I had a little think about what I do when I deploy and figured I would share my thoughts and see what other people come up with and maybe that will help iskate.

    Iskate was after a bit of a chess playbook, for those that aren’t aware this is a set first number of moves which form a strategy, while I am not a big chess player it is common to hear people saying that is a x manoeuvre. So will this sort of thing work for 40K? My thoughts are no, it would not work. The reason I don’t think that you can rely on a set move is the fact that 40K is not a controlled as chess is. In chess the pieces have to stick to squares, they only have a type of movement which only has certain possibilities. 40K on the other hand has a lot more freedom of action, you can move anywhere. Also with chess you are faced with an opponent that has the same abilities as you, ie he has the same pieces as you do. It is very unlikely that this will happen in 40K once you start to get games bigger than 1000 points.

    So for these reasons a set move list will not work for deployment however if one looks at a number of factors which determine the game you are able to set the conditions for a win or loss in the deployment phase. Some of these factors (and this is definitely not exhaustive): mission, the enemy’s capabilities, your capabilities, and the table.

    The mission this is one of the major things that should shape your deployment, how are you going to achieve the mission, what units are you dedicating to the mission, what units are going to stop the enemy from achieving the mission, do you need a reserve if so what is it going to be. These are the things that you need to consider with the mission, the who what where when and how. If you can answer all of those questions you are going to be able to work out where your units need to be during deployment to ensure that you have them where you need them during the later stages of the game.

    The enemy’s capabilities, while the mission is important you can’t forget the enemy, you have to understand what he is capable of and generally you will only have a few minutes looking at his list before you start playing! In the military they look at the enemy’s most likely course of action and his most dangerous. You can do the same as well in 40K, what is the enemy likely to do with his army and what is the worse he could do with his units. Sometimes you will be presented with problems like the scuttlerling genestealers or Dark Eldar that can charge you in the first turn. You need to consider these events are part of the most likely most dangerous scenarios, when you do this you may be able to come up with an effective counter which will then shape your deployment. Also look to see if the person you are playing has trends or they follow a pattern. Most people, once they have developed a successful strategy will try to use it over and over again; it worked once so why change it! By doing this they become predictable and thus lose the element of surprise.

    Knowing your own capabilities is important as well; remembering stealth suits are called stealth for a reason is handy! But again you may be able to gain certain advantages from your troops. One example I can point out was when I was playing against an Iron warrior army. He deployed two obliterators in the open; I was also using Iron Warriors and deployed my five obliterators behind some cover so nothing could see them. In my first turn I walked them into the cover and then engaged the enemy’s obliterators destroying both. In this case I made the most of my ability to move and shoot. Knowing your own capabilities, strengths and weaknesses will enable you to get the most out of your army and prevent your opponent from exposing your weaknesses. One thing that I have been able to do frequently is make the enemy pay for the mistakes he makes during his deployment, whether it is shielding my force from his good shooting weapons or isolating his assault element against my entire army. There are many ways it can be done, but if you don’t know what your army is capable of you will never be able to use it to its full potential and you will never put them in the right place at the start of the game!

    The table, again this is one of the critical factors in the game; no two tables will ever play the same, due to the subtle differences in the missions, the army lists etc. You need to work out your lines of sight, where things need to be to see parts of the battlefield, what you can do to prevent the enemy from going somewhere you don’t want him too. What cover you will be able to use both in your deployment zone and on your avenue of advance. Looking at the locations where the enemy can deploy his infiltrators is also important, likewise where will you put yours?

    As you can see there is in my opinion no scope to come up with a set play you can use every time when playing 40K. You need to maintain a flexible approach in order to prevent your opponent from working out your plan and defeating it. Also the dynamic features of the game will really restrict your ability to apply these set plays. Looking at the ideas and considerations I have raised here; however, will allow you to formulate a solid battle plan whose foundation is laid in the deployment phase.

    Let me and others know what your thoughts are.

    Army most recently finished (well kinda): Space Wolves
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    Hey thanks man, its a really good tactica im forsure going to remember this from now on its really good i like it alot!

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