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    Tactica: Tournament

    So you show up to the tournament ready to go. You've got your army, your list, all your dice and little accessories. The postings go up for first round opponents. As you walk over to the designated table you think you're ready to go, but there's alot more to be done. Here are a few keys to winning that don't involve any d6 or a Codex.

    1. Observe.

    Alot of players like to make small talk, fiddle with models etc. while playing. This can take their eyes of the board and what's going on. Even when it's not your turn or even before the game, observe everything. Watch every move that's made in keep it in the back of your mind. What if you look away during a Deep Strike? Later on you may forget that those models came in and it can cost you. When playing a game, focus on the game.

    2. Attitude.

    This is a two way street. Attitude goes as far as play confidently, either obviously or hidden. It depends on the army. If you're fielding let's say a Tyranid swarm with buckets of models, that's intimidating to alot of people. Play confidently, seem sure of your moves and don't say things like "Come on six!". This makes you come across as assured of your army and how the battle is going, which can get to people and make them slip up without realizing it.

    A riskier way to play is with a less conventional army. Maybe you have alot of Deep Strikers, demons, or a counter-attacking army. If you come across as weak and unconfident, your opponent may play brashly, feeling in control and dominant. Than, when the oppurtunity presents, crush them in one turn. Rip the heart out of his army and start playing confidently. Your opponent will go from confident to defeatist, seeing his army ripped apart so quickly by what seemed to be an untalented player. This is a risky tactic and a veteran player will rarely fall for it, but it can win you the game.

    3. Psychology.

    This could almost be a tactica in itself. Warhammer is not a battle of armies but of minds. Talent and intelligence will beat luck nine times out of ten. If you make your opponent feel defeated, they will lose even if they could have won. Something as simple as having a aggressive turn can accomplish this but there are small tricks to help you out. One of my favorites is to find out the my opponents favorite model, squad tank, whatever and obliterate it. Someone seeing their lovingly painted Terminator squad taken apart before it accomplishes anything will lose spirit and be more likely to slip up. Another is to be put off by nothing that happens. Even if you have a bad turn or they have an amazing one, stay calm and play your game. Lamenting will only feed their confidence, something you want as low as possible during a game.

    4. Originality.

    Everyone has seen the cookie cutter armies and more than everyone has beaten them. If you play a typical list, your opponent will know how totake you apart with surgical precision. By playing an army that's unusual as a whole, people won't know exactly what to target first, giving your needed units more time to do what they have to do. Originality pays off in the long run for a serious player.

    5. Play like you mean it.

    I take every game seriously. There will always be at least one person evaluating my performance and word spreads. A player who doesn't cheat, is a sportsman and wins more often than not will be known around the local scene and with time even further. Sometimes reputation alone can go towards winning a game.

    Hopefully this helped someone and I hope you found it interesting. Good players make the game more exciting, after all who likes putting an hour or more into a sure thing? :ninja:

    Check my Blog for Battle Reports, useless ranting and more! Comments appreciated.
    Like to talk Warhammer or want some advice on Armies or Tactics? Drop me a PM!

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    I'd make your little treatize mandatory reading material at the west point of the eye of terror.

    regarding attitude:
    Staying calm and keeping an even face (a blank face will only let your opponenet know that something is fishy) wins alot of smaller tactical victories on the 4 by 6. Misdirection really don't work that well with experienced players so its best just to either leave it alone or do nothing but misdirect. The result will be the same. Your opponent will have no idea if things are going well or if he (usually... not that many girl on girl grudge matches at my club) has unwittingly stepped right into your death trap of doom. :w00t:

    It helps alot if you small talk with someone/anyone about something not directly connected to the game at hand while at all times you are actually 110% focused on the game.

    I'd also add that deciding early how to take down an opponents army helps keep your tactic coherent and focused through out the game. Decide how you want to win. don't decide how you want to not loose.
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