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    Kroot merc's tactica

    Uses of Kroot mercenaries

    In the tactitca I will go over the uses of Kroot as allies and what kroot are worth taking and those that arenít.

    Hunters: Why wonít you take them, they are probably the cheapest snipers in the whole game, the can infiltrate, field craft and have a good state line. Always deploy them in cover that is very important. With out cover they will die so fast . Like any other snipers they are good at killing high toughness units. They also can draw some fire for the first while taking some heat off your main force. That is why they need to be in good cover when you deploy them.
    They can be a thorn in your opponents side if used right that will make them put more fire at them to kill them, so thereby saving your other units some fire, this is true in one game my opponent wanted them died so much that he wasted his defiler and land raider for some two turns trying to kill them (They were in a fortified building) Take the maximum number of 9 hunters and one shaper, and donít change the shaper leave him as is and you have a 10 man sniper squad for only 100 points. Donít take snipers though if you are playing a hoard guard of tyranid army.

    Kroot hounds: They are very cheap and have good number of attacks at good intuitive. They can also get a first turn charge if used and tooled up right. Make sure that they infiltrate into cover again like the hunters they will need it. If you take hounds you will need first turn if you plane to infiltrate them. They can also be used as a counter charge unit. If you are play a guardsmen army they can get you out of combat or help you to overcome the combat and win it. Never underestimate the number and weight of attacks even a small squad has. Ever member of the hound squad will have 3 attacks on a charge that is almost as effective as orks charging into combat. But kroot are better than orks because they have a higher strength so more of your attacks will wound. Also the shaper if armed with an eviscerator can easily take down tanks and terminators.
    If you plane to infiltrate the hound squad than always get the nymue organ upgrade for the carnivores in the squad. This will increase the chances of first turn charge by a lot, also always take blood of the starker, every inch helps to get you into combat where you are safe from shooting. Infiltrate the hounds squad as near as possible to a non-combat squad never try to use them to beat say a space marine assault squad, they wonít win you need to remember that kroot are made for close combat, but arenít monsters in close combat they need to rely on numbers to win. I would line them up against the easiest squad for them to kill say guardsmen. These units can get much more expensive than the hunters though and that needs to be kept in mind when making a list with a squad of kroot hounds.

    Kroot Carnivors
    They are in my mind the poor mans kroot hounds. They aren't great at infiltrating because of the inablity to use fleet of foot so they are more limited in their role. Carnivors are great to take in place or hounds as a counter charge unit, they will be cheaper but still just as efftive in that role. Also in a guardsmen army they can add some good fire power even with lacking any special or heavy weapons, once they are in rapid fire range. Now if you are in charging range and have the choice to take two shots or charge the choice is up to you, if the squad that you will be charging is good in cc than shoot, but if you know that if you don't charge you will get raped by bolters or a like than charge. Overal take them if you want a good unit for counter charging that is cheap.

    That has been my over view of the kroot mercenaries that I find to be useful I plane to update and add to it as I go, so anyone else how has some good tactics for using kroot as allies please share them or if you have any comments please tell them. Thank you for reading my brief overview on kroot mercenaries.

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    *stalks out of the forest... pounces on thread-prey!*

    Cheers for the info, Chief

    I was thinking about getting some Kroot + hounds to make these exact 2 squads you have mentioned. I had heard the Hound unit makes a great addition to Dark Eldar, and besides, the Hunter Kindred is cheap as chips! I mean, cheaper than Guard Ratlings, and with better stats! *drools*

    On the plus side, they can be allied and used with the majority of armies

    Also, I think Hunter Kindred with an Auspex deserves a mention.
    Auspex is darn cheap on an already darn cheap unit, and maybe you can Infiltrate --> shoot Infiltrating enemies and pin them before the game even starts! Pinned for first turn, and try pin another unit in your first shooting phase! That's just rude! Haha {goofy}

    Anyways hope to see more on this thread. It'll get my brain juices flowing, and I'll have no choice but to make these units!

    ~ jonesie
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    You need more Mordians?
    They still exist?

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