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    The Claws Kindred Wood Elves

    Im thinking about doing a wood elf army called "The Claws Kindred":

    Like all woodelves they have a special relationship with nature, this kindred especially has a good relationship with wolves, as their symbol is a white wolfhead on a field of green. This relationship has influenced many bad thoughts from other kindreds as they find the relationship to be unhealthy so to speak, thus making them a lone or outcast clan.

    However other kindreds feel about them however the Claws Kindred is renowed even among other wood elves as great archers, thus explaining the large number of waywatchers to come from this kindred. They are also known for using large blocks of eternal guard in their armies providing a wall of spears to the enemy while archers expertly pick off enemies even when engaged with the eternal guard. Calvary is limited in this army unlike most other kindreds, the Claws Kindred does not have the accses to many steeds. The wolves make up for this as they have been known to fight with them, with claws and fangs like blades these large creatures are capable of pulling down a horse of bretonnia.

    Despite their strengths they have one great weakness. Numbers. Positioned as a border kindred into athel loren The Claws Kindred fights much more then most kindreds making every warrior lost on the field a crippling blow. They especially have to put up with almost continueous attacks by Bretonnia as an event between the two sparked this conflict (WILL POST STORY SOON). Another strange thing about this kindred is that they rarely if ever fight with forest spirits, allowing them to fight elsewhere and strengthen the surrounding forest.

    I hope this adds a little backround fluff about my army. I hope to have the story of how the feud with bretonnia started posted soon. Tell me what you think. Thanks for reading.

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    Have you posted an army list to go with this? It's very interesting.
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    The only thing that I would change is the other wood elves attiudes to them. There are many Woodeleves that choose to emerse themselves in nature so this wouldn't seem particularly strange to the rest of the community. This doesn't make them any less loners though.

    Other wise great stuff! (REP)
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