I Hope this fluff will work, the base of this army is a Tower of Hoeth guard army. The whole army is based around killing Maleketh (sp?).

Sarathailanir landed on the back of the sun dragon and felt the rage of battle leave him and his friend the dragon. He swore as he knew that Maleketh had not ridden with the horde of druchi.

To his right he heard the clash of metal upon metal and was about to turn to cast a fireball into the combat when he saw it was between eltharion and the general of the druchi. Around the two greatly skilled elves swarmed the black guard and swordmasters, the elves in the mithril armour using their great swords like flashes of lightening.

The combat did not last for long and soon the masters of hoeth had eradicated their foe and the druchi general was lying on the ground, his head parted from his body. The remaining black guard were stricken by fear and they ran away until a hail of arrows and bolts felled them.

Eltharion stood smiling standing upon the bodies of his foes. Sarathailanir looked down, not wanting to see the look on the blind elfs face. He knew they had won a great victory, but the traitor had not led the force or taken part in the battle.

He dismounted and walked over to eltharion. " He was not here was he." the pale elf said " Do not worry brother when we find him he will remember the day he took my eyes and your father, When that day comes Maleketh will die."