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    Alternate fluff for the realm of Caledor

    I wrote this fluff to elaborate on my Caledorian army. I see the Caledorian's as a somewhat darker side to the High Elves. Not quite on par with those of Nagryth, because it's not evil. Rather, it is dark and imposing, and carries a heavier weight than realms like Ellyrion.

    In the mists of the Golden Times- before the elves knew of the dread Chaos, or of the treachery, or flood, or of slaughtered kin- the elves of Ulthuan wandered about their island and settled in each of it's respective kingdoms. They spread ouwards from Avelorn, where they and their Everqueen had drawn frist breath. To the east they settled Saphery, and Eataine. Those heading westward discovered only Ellyrion before being confronted with the imposing slopes of the Anulii. The bravest among them traveled into this mysterious realm, vanishing into the smoky pall that laid thickly in the hollow and crags of the blasted mountains.
    These hearty explorers blazed a trail deep into the mountains, emerging at the end of their travels at the foot of the great Forge of Vaul. From the top of it's volcanic peaks they could see the broad expanse of the Great Ocean. The elves receded from the banks, and left the imposing volcanic Forge a great distance, deified it, and settled in their new mountainous homes.
    In their mountainous homes, the people of the realm found precious metals, and sturdy ores. They became industrious, creating powerful weapons, armors, and artifacts with the aid of the fires of Vaul. Their armies became the most powerful force on the island and in the frequent disputes over territory, the mountain-dwellers often triumphed with strength of arms and agressive tactics.
    Drawn to the prowess of the warriors among them, the dragons slowly revealed themselves. Upon their first discovery, the fierce mountain-warriors attempted to kill the equally fearsome beasts. There was much blood spilled between Dragon and Elf in the shadows of the mountains and in the caverns that dotted it's peaks. Finally, the elves were blunted by the sheer strength of the dragons, and the dragons found themselves besieged by the scared, vengeful elf-folk. A great pact was made, ending the bloodshed. The Dragons and the people of the mountains would form an alliance. It stood to reason that such powerful forces should ally and reign over the dominion. So the oaths were sworn, and the people of the mountain realm became the first to ride to battle astride the mighty dragons.

    When the threat of Chaos appeared upon the horizon, and Aenarion returned home to defend his people, it was the great mage Caledor who first rallied to his side. Aenarion turned to the Forges of Vaul and the greatness of the Dragons to equip himself, and together with Caledor, he waged his great war against the Daemons. At the war's end, the mountainous realm was named for it's martyr Caledor. After Aenarion was lost, the realm became the first to issue forth a Pheonix king, and many more followed afterwards. Wealth and power flowed into the realm, each of the primitive settlements creating small castles in the rock and establishing their own small civilizations. Beatiful roads and bridges, carved from white stone imported from Hoeth and set into the mountainsides, connected these settlements. Waymarkers guided travelers through the scarcely populated mountains.

    When the Sundering came, Caledor's warriors once again answered the call. Astride their mighty dragons they brought destruction to the Druchii wherever they met. The battle was fierce, and the recklessness of the Caledorians elevated their losses higher than was often seen prudent. When the vileness of the Druchii was finally driven off, the Caledorians retreated into their mountain strongholds and tried to recuperate.
    Such a recuperation never came. The numbers of woken dragons had decreased sharply as losses mounted in the war. Now, the dragons slumbered longer and were more difficult to rouse. Power began to slip away from the realm. Their ties to the throne became more and more distant. Their warrior pride was now a liability, their hot-headed agression viewed as an affront. The realm slipped further and further into decline. In it's present state, it is as primordial as the day that it's founders first tread upon it's rocky slopes. Shattered waymarkers dot the once-gleaming roads. Proud castles fall into disrepair, their Lords slain in battles against their hated kin. The dragons slumber fitfully in their caves, and it's people are rarely seen.

    However, the people of Caledor remain. They are loyal to their rights as the first ally of the dragons and the Lore Smiths of the Forge of Vaul. Their sons are still sent down from the mountains, across the inner sea to Hoeth, to learn the arts of magic. Their daughters still make political marriages and bring new heirs into the misty air of the mountains. Aging nobles and fierce-eyed youths meet around marble tables in darkened greathalls to sing ballads and recite the tales of their ancestors. Other elves view the people of Caledor as too aggressive, too ready to fight. They are a proud people, stern and as hard as the stones in which they make their homes. Brave to the core and as highly skilled as any of the standing armies in the other realms, the few men of Caledor claim that a time will come when their elven brothers will once again pay homage to a Caledorian upon the throne.

    my personal Caledor army is painted in dark, antiquated colors, as this is how i see Caledor today. It is a dwindling land of nobles, pround and warlike like the Celts or samurai. I understand that the Golden Times were likely very peaceful, but I feel that a little interior strife would be necessary to forge a race that could battle chaos. I mean- where did they get the knowledge of weapons and warfare all of a sudden? Critics are always welcome, I am willing to change continuity issues and work to make a more official sounding piece.

    Pts Values for AoS here!

    Nippon Armybook: Isuu, Scribd, and free at Google Docs

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    Sounds fine as it is to me! Then again, I'm not really all that up to speed on my High Elves.

    But it was a good read, none the less.
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