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    Goremesh the Bloody

    hey all here is the story of my Vampire Lord, Goremesh the Bloody... Enjoy!
    The Legend of Goremesh the Bloody

    Goremesh the Bloody is the name of a vampire who has plagued the Old World for centuries. Nothing is known of Goremesh’s past even his real name, the title Goremesh the Bloody was given to him due to his armour that is covered in the spattered blood of his enemies.
    He is swathed in a dark cloak and takes to battle amongst his personal unit of Grave Guard. Goremesh prefers to attack with legions of soldiers as such it has been assumed that he once was a mighty General of ages past. He fights with a fury many have never seen, yet his knowledge of political intrigue, reveals that during his former life he may have been a minor political figure, due to his command of an army.
    Goremesh has built his manor in the lower centre of the Dark Lands, near the Silver Road. From here Goremesh has built a small haven for those few merchants that make the perilous trip to Grand Cathay and the riches it holds. From here Goremesh demands a tribute, of such, to ensure “safe” passage. These tributes normally take the form of gold, treasures and blood gathered from the foes the merchants or travellers. Many merchants have taken to appeasing Goremesh’s demands, many are the tales told of those who did not or could not pay, and their untimely death soon after.
    Despite being Undead, Goremesh’s haven has grown into a fledging town, where those shunned by normal society can congregate and live. Yet despite being a town of brigands, crime is scarce. This may be due to Goremesh’s brutal law enforcement. With his guards that never tire and he as supreme judge, jury and... Executioner...
    Not only do humans fear Goremesh, his presence is known amongst the Cities of the Chaos Dwarves, and the tribes of Greenskins that live around the Dark lands. The Kingdoms of the Ogres, seeing themselves more powerful than any man alive or dead... stubbornly refuse to bow to Goremesh’s indomitable will... For now.
    Goremesh seeks to expand his influence and consolidate his power. He has his eyes set on the power of the Ogre hordes, the demonic-forges of the Chaos Dwarves and the work force provided by the Greenskins. With these 3 elements Goremesh may be able to cross the Mountains of Mourn and threaten Grand Cathay, or even the Empire itself.

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    Not bad! I like the set-up, the Vampire ruling over his town of outcasts... Slightly reminiscent of the Von Carsteins of old, before they got crazy and started invading stuff...
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    A war between Vampires and Chaos Dwarfs would be classic

    Hell Cannons Earth Shakers and Death Rockets blasting away thousands of zombies while Necromancers open great rents in the earth to release the thousands of dead slaves that have died over the years.

    The crypts of Dwarfs of Old who died against the first waves of Chaos being opened up and ancient Wights marching against their twisted kinsmen, while Bull centaurs and Hobgoblin wolf riders charge down the ghouls that would scuttle and crawl over the blasted deserts.

    The Ziggurets of the Chaos Dwarfs swarming with their sorcerers enchating the volcanoes and lava streams to boil forth to sweep away the invaders. From the black sooty skies thousands of bats would stream out..........

    Epic stuff, where is john blanche when you need him.
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