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    Gashnag the black prince

    I am currently developing a themed army based on gashnag-- I was wanting to peruse your minds since you give such great advice in the chaos army fluff thread.

    I have a few issues

    Why would gashnag leave his kingdom to make war?

    could a vampire like gashnag be in some way related to my varghulf, other strigoi, and a bestial vamp?--- I was thinking the varghulf could have been the vampire that turned him, he kept him around because he lost all ambition and became a servile beast; the bestial winged lord a spawn of one of his many mortal brides

    so secondly by what fluff method could I justify a vampire keeping his family around; and having a "royal" son by a mortal woman?--- dark rituals? a sort of twisted embrace?

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    He could make war on a neighbour in order to plunder their coffers? After all, he has pretentions of grandeur. Maybe he wants to recreate the glory of Strigos of old, and as such, needs to subjugate the other border princes to his will? Maybe he is after some artefacts held in an Imeprial mansion, or perhaps a Dwarf lord insulted his "kind" offer of lodgings in a recent trip from Barak Varr to a rival prince?

    As for keeping his "family around" - Vampires are sentimental about their thralls, shown by the way Vlad had his coterie of sycophants, hangers-on and advisors. And it is one way of ensuring that your kin don't either go astray, give the blood kiss too freely (weakening your own powers as a result) or raise an army against you....They also are able captains to lead your armies and administer your domains as even vampires can't do everything themselves.

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