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    Dealing with the fluff...


    When I'm writing fluff for my HE army and start writing battle reports there will be a big issue:

    If (okay, let's say when) one of my named characters is mortaly wounded and I'm using the same fluff for the next report...
    Wouldn't certain characters be...dead?

    What's your solution?

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    Sparta! Exarch Thomo's Avatar
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    Not necesarily, think of it this way. When the amount of wounds equals 0 this doesn't mean that the character is dead, just incapable of continuing the fight. This could be as simple as being knocked unconcious (and being mistaken for dead by the enemy), or having several bones broken etc.
    If your hero is KIA, write the fluff so that he is KO'd instead.
    Of course it is always fun to have characters develop, both physically and psychologically, over the course of time. For example your young hero could have come through the ranks, the old guard handong over to the new and all sorts of fun stuff.
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    could also change up army lists to reflect wounded or recovering characters

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    My friends always had fun using the Warbands rules to represent our characters. Or the mordheim system (although i was never as familiar with it). Basically, you roll your casualties at the end of the game, and the character either returns to duty, or is slain. If the character returned, there was a good chance he'd come back with a lasting wound: leg wound, chest wound, lost an eye, lost a hand, mentally frazzled, etc.

    We didn't use the rules against other players, but against eachother, we had our characters all kinds of banged up. Of course there were benefits, as they could gain new abilities and bonuses.
    If you're worried about fluff, just find that chart, or i can email it to you. CaptainSarathai, the model that bore my name, was just retired over the summer, having fought for three glorious years. He was just too battered to continue the fight, although he is somewhat like a grizzled general, and still appears in large battles because of his special abilities and the (relatively) low chance of injury for a character in the back row.
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