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    Character compilation: Lacrimosa Iceheart

    I’ve decided to make a compilation of all of Lacrimosa’s, my vampire character's, storyline, as it is spread across several arenas and is generally all over the place. So, this is her story, taken from arenas, and the majority of it added in now. As I go along, more will be added, but for now, let's start with the beginning:
    Lacrimosa walked towards her mistress’s chamber, wondering what she could want at midnight. Before she knocked on the door, Esmerelda called “Enter.” Lacrimosa entered the room, unnerved by her knowledge of where she had been.

    Looking around the room, she saw a goblet of a dark red liquid on the table, Lady Esmerelda seated behind it. "Lacrimosa, I have something to discuss with you, but first you must drink this,” announced her mistress.

    Realising it would be unwise to refuse; Lacrimosa picked up the goblet, and began to drink, Esmeralda’s eyes watching her hungrily. About a minute after drinking it, she doubled over in pain, her body burning agonisingly. Her vision began to fade, until she could see only her mistress’s beautiful face, laughing mockingly. “First lesson, Lacrimosa Swallowflight, you can never trust anyone.”

    Lacrimosa lay in darkness, a strange and inhuman thirst growing inside of her, until it awakened her with its horror. As she came around, she saw Esmerelda standing before her, a goblet with a sticky liquid in one hand. She held out the goblet, and ordered “drink it, it will stop the thirst.” Lacrimosa eyed the goblet with suspicion, and did not drink.

    Esmerelda laughed at her, then said “It is good you are learning, but you know I could force you drink this. Why would I poison you?” She took a sip, before passing the cup to Lacrimosa, who found the thirst greater than the suspicion, and took a tentative sip. She recognised the taste as blood at once, and tried to spit it out, disgusted. However, she found it strangely sweet, and could not resist swallowing it. Then, she began the drink the blood, greedily, yet repulsed by her actions.

    She began to feel the thirst dying, and instead felt the new power in her, noticed her heightened senses. Esmerelda addressed her: “I have much to teach you about vampirism, but first you must swear your loyalty to me… Without my help, you will surely be killed.”

    Lacrimosa knelt before her, and bowed her head. Esmerelda drew her sword, Frost, and cut into Lacrimosa’s arm, leaving a mark of her servitude.

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