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Since the Defeat of Asavar Kul the Kurgan Chiefs had made war amongst themselves to find a worthy warlord once again. For centuries no such warlord appeared and the eastern stepp continued to be stained with the blood of mighty Kurgan warriors unwilling to agree on a leader. Amidst this turmoil Bledda rose to power within his tribe determined to unite the kurgan horde once more. Bledda began by challenging neighboring chieftans to duels to the death for the command of their respective tribes. Fearfull of the bloodcrazed wrath of Bledda and his mounted hordes the Kurgan warriors of weaker chieftans often killed thier own chieftan to appease Bledda's wrath.

Bledda was now unchallenged in the eastern stepp and his name spread throughout the realm of chaos. It was said that a Warlord worthy of Asavar Kul's Legacy had returned to the Kurgans. Hearing of the might of the new Warlord of the Kurgan Archaon The Everchosen Sent word to Bledda commanding his horde to prepare for yet another Grand Campaign into the heart of the empire.

Upon reception of Archaon's message Bledda was overjoyed that his axe would soon be covered in the blood of lesser men. Bledda now belived that he was the reincarnation of the great Asavar Kul and assumed the name Bledda Kul. Bledda Kul prepared his Frenzied host of Kurgans to asault deep into the heart of the empire determined to succeed where Asavar Kul had failed.

Bledda Kul's Kurgan Hoard


Chaos Lord (Bledda Kul) 359
+Axe Of Khorne
+Chaos Runeshield
+Chaos Armor
+Favour Of The Gods
+Mark Of Khorne
+Barded Chaos Steed


Chaos Sorcerer 135
+2 dispell scrolls
I saw an interesting idea to for modeling a sorcerer as a banner with a dead wizard strung on it i think thats what I'm gonna do for this


3 Units of 7 Marauder Horsemen 172 each
+Mark of Khorne
+Light Armor
+Full Command

5 Units of 5 Chaos Warhounds 30 each


3 Units of 5 Chaos Knights 280 each
+Mark of Khorne
+Ensorcelled Weapons
+Chaos Armor
+Barded Chaos Steeds
+Full Command
Bledda's original Tribe

Totals 2000pts 63 Models