also posted this in the rules section, as to improvements on the actual rules ive generated for it, im posting here for the fluff parts of it.

hey guys, I know alot of skaven players are interested in how they can field this totally badass item to their army list, well, I've come up with some pretty interesting rules/fluff, tell me what you think!

Plague Pontifex Quetch snaped his hideous whip at the mutated ratmen before him, “Forward you imbeciles!” He shouted at the top of his lungs, his scratching yell bubbling out of his frothing mouth, the rotting carcasses pushing the cauldron-cart heaved it forward, it’s rotten wooden wheels creaking and groaning as they slid in the muck under the tremendous weight they supported. The Rat-god would be pleased thought Quetch, his plans coming together nicely. All around him his most devoted and vile Plague-priests chanted in their disgustingly tongued oaths of pestilence and putridness to the bringer of decay. Quetch reached into the cauldron before him, the slick coating his paw deep to his shoulder as he groaped around, his nose so close to it’s bubbling surface that his whiskers became coated in bile. Finally a look of frenzy and a hideous grin took to his bloated and cracked lips, he pulled his arm from the slop and there between his claws squirmed a gore coated rat, pure white despite the vomit dribbling from its maw. Quetch raised this offering of destruction above his head as the din of battle raged around him and chanted with his pussing eyes closed, both hands clenched tighter and tighter, the sad little creature screamed, trieing to escape. Suddenly Quetch made a horrible tearing motion, ripping it in two and quickly whipping his head back to the enemy line ahead he began to focus on the Skink units before him, truly this plague would ravage the battlefield. Quetch smiled to himself, the Rat-god willed it to be done. Suddenly the plague monks began to become excited, their mouths to foam, and their bodily functions became uncontrollable, squirting musk and feces on the now rotting ground beneath them, their eyes began to glow with a putrid hatefulness, many of these enemies, these refusers of change would die to his monks. He bellowed in a voice so menacingly demonic that it caused his entire battle line to freeze and lock their eyes solely onto their intended victims. NOW IT BEGINS, ROT AND CORRUPT ALL, ALL OF THEM SHALL DIE!!! The Skink lines sniffed the air and their crests turned a shocking bright red, something was terribly out of place. Suddenly all throughout the lizardmen battle formations reptile-men here and there began dropping their weapons to claw at their own skin, some of them tearing so hard that their now bubbling scales ripped from it’s flesh, giant green-yellow boils began to grow and burst, puss smattering onto nearby soldiers who became crazed the same and followed suit, their bodies too becoming walking, festering bringers of decay. Screams erupted throughout their lines as the first waves of the Rat-men took to their bewildered lizardmen enemies in a shocking display of destruction, scaly-bodies smashed under the heavy-burning weight of the plague monks flails and censers...

Plague master Quetch: 300 pts. (Counts as a Lord choice if normal army list, counts as hero choice if Clan pestilens army list.)

5 3 3 3 5 3 5 2 8

Weapons: Flail, Hand weapon.

May choose a mix of magic items from the common or Skaven magic items list with a maximum total of 100 pts. Must be accompanied by the Cauldron of 1000 poxes.

Magic: Quetch is a level 3 Wizard who always knows the plague spell as well as two randomly determined at the start of the game; he starts the game with 10 warpstone tokens.

Cauldron of 1000 Poxes: 250 pts.

- 0 - 5 7 7 0 - -

Moving the Cauldron:

The Cauldron is a special chariot ridden by Quetch and must be fielded in a unit of plague monks. It cannot move on its own, but depends on the unit of Skaven surrounding it for movement. (All movement rules for the Screaming bell are used for the Cauldron, except for the change in the type of unit able to push it as mentioned above.)

Special Rules:

The Cauldron is a medium target and has a unit strength of 4 (5 with Quetch)

The Cauldron has a ward Save of 5+, representing hits that bounce off the incredibly solid Cauldron itself and the magical protection that the gods of decay provide it along with its terrifying abilities. Quetch does benefit from this save but also gets the normal 5+ armour save from being on a chariot.

The Cauldron has a magic resistance of (2) which also applies to the unit pushing it.

The Cauldron adds three dice to the Skaven pool of power dice in the Skaven Magic phase. These dice can be used only by either Quetch or a Festering chanter/Grey Seer who has joined the unit of plague monks pushing the Cauldron.

Missile Fire against the Cauldron: Enemies with line of sight to the screaming bell may choose to either target the Cauldron or the unit of plague monks pushing it. Missile hits (normal and magical) against the cauldron are randomized as normal for characters riding chariots. So a result of 6 would hit Quetch, and any other result hits the Cauldron.

Magic: the Cauldron enables Quetch to Cast Plague spell from Skaven magic list, twice during the battle with irresistible force. However the range for this spell is reduced from 18” to 10” if cast in this manner. Also, when the spell is cast in this manner, roll 1D6, if the result is a 1, 2 or 3, then the unit of plague monks pushing the Cauldron must take a toughness test or suffer a wound per model, with no save, however this is not applied to Quetch.

Close combat against the Cauldron:
(Follow the exact same rules for close combat with a screaming bell.) BUT
If the Cauldron is destroyed, any unit in base contact with the model at that time is subject to the plague spell as it appears in the Skaven magic list with NO ward save permitted, this represents the Cauldrons contents spilling fourth onto the units surrounding it.