There once was a great Pharaoh in the land of Khemri. Like all great leaders he was beloved by his people and for his reign there was prosperity and great victory for the lands, however, like all mortals he was doomed to die at some stage. The Pharaoh had a chief Liche Priest named Impotehp, who was skilled in the arts of magic. Impotehp and his apprentice Gimpotehp had been sustaining the Pharaoh’s life with their magic for the last one hundred years. On his death bed and wrapped in his ceremonial bandages of passing, the Pharaoh asked of one last great accomplishment of his people and his army. He drew a blue print for a grand burial place in which he and his royal guard posse would be entombed in when he finally passed away. He called it a Pyramid. The Pharaoh handed the blue print to Impotehp and Impotehp set to work.

The first born son of every family was conscripted into the Pyramid Construction League and for 100 years they toiled with hammer and stone to construct the largest monument in the entire known world. This great pyramid soon became the kingdoms icon, and while it was being constructed the Pharaoh’s Chariot legions fought their way across the desert destroying all those who opposed the great Pharaoh’s might. Upon the pyramids completion and the grand unveiling of the monument to their pharaoh master, who was now little more than a zombie mummy, Impotehp ordered that every single person in the entire kingdom was to assemble at the Pyramid at the first light of dawn. As the sun crept over the horizon and silhouetted the giant construct against the endless desert which flanked it the Pharaoh shook with horror and rage, for Impotehp had been holding the blue print upside for the entire 100 years, and the Pyramid had now been built upside-down! It’s single point balanced on the sand while its flat base stared into the heavens. Hundreds of Thousands of people from all over the kingdom stared in awe at the construct as it teetered backwards and forwards, they stood in its giant shadow, which stretched for hundreds of metres behind them. The pyramid perfectly balanced by 100 years of Khemri engineering.

The Pharaoh screamed at Impotehp for Royal Guard Posse, but Impotehp had been informed that Gimpotehp had already entombed the entire royal guard in the pyramid. The Pharaoh then screamed for his chariot legions, but they had all been killed that morning in a horrible Ben Hur re-enactment accident. All of the commotion had stirred a large tomb scorpion which was sleeping in the sands nearby, it ripped out of its grave and jumped onto the side of the pyramid, knocking it slightly off balance. The Pyramid began to fall, too fast for the people of the kingdom to run away from, but slow enough for them to realise what was happening. Then, in that instant, the entire population of Khemri was crushed under the colossal monument, except for the high priest Impotehp, who was standing slightly off to the side. Impotehp felt very sad, like this was his entire fault for reading the blue prints upside down. He began to conjure a spell, the most powerful he had ever conjured, a spell which would raise all of the people killed back from the dead. The spell went off successfully with an eerie whoosh, and with that the sands began to stir. From under the pyramid climbed all of the people crushed, wondering what had just happened. From inside the pyramid climbed the Royal Guard Posse, wondering why they were alive... The pharaoh came back to life and saw that all his people had followed him into the afterlife like the loyal followers they were. He was pleased. The souls of his charioteers rode around him, his royal guard stood at attention and the farmers had returned back to the fields without even realising that they had all just been killed. Gimpotehp had also pulled himself out of the sands, although as clumsy in the afterlife as in his first. Even the scorpion now bowed down to the king, feeling bad for killing everyone.

The army of Khemri was reborn and the Pharaoh was ready for a life/death life of new conquest….