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    Ethreal Vampire Background "The Cabal"

    I plan to start a Fluffy Vampire count list (the list is in the VC army section if anyone is interested) This is the rough draft. I'm not the best at Fantasy battle fluff (or writeing) so if anything sounds to far fetched (im not sure how the Empire works so a town in the empire may not be allowed to get this bad) just say so. Comments and Criticism are much appreciated!

    The Cabal hails from the Empire town of Armenviertel-Stadt. Armenviertel-Stadt sits on a barren rocky hill. Farming in this area is impossible, there are no great trade routes near the city, and the industry of the town is minimal. Despite this, the town has quite a great economy, in the form of a large black market. In Armenviertel-Stadt, anything can be bought, from slaves to magic artifacts. Because of this, the town has grown far out of proportion and cannot support itself. Thousands of humans are packed into an area build for hundreds. Food is scarce. To survive small gangs and underworld empires have been created. These Gangs are in a state of constant warfare.
    On the top of the food chain is the Cabal, a gang of dark skill less necromancers who abuse the dead for their power. In Armenviertel-Stadt, the souls of the dead do not rest easy. Everyday children die of starvation while their fathers are slain by rival gangs. Ghosts wonder the streets and are a common sight. The Cabal takes great advantage of this by binding these hosts of spirits to their service. Unlike the other gangs of Armenviertel-Stadt, the cabal does not have to waste its energy feeding or paying its soldiers, the dead need no sustenance.
    One day Alt Herr, the founder of the Cabal found an ancient tome of magic on the black market. In this tome, was the story of a powerful spirit that infects the book. Using his limited knowledge of Shyish and the combined powers of over 50 of his brother necromancers, he unleashes this spirit to serve them. Alt Herr wanted to use this spirit to gain complete control of Armenviertel-Stadt.
    But the power of the ancient spirit was too great and he broke free from the control of the Cabal and has taken over it. The Spirit was a Powerful Vampire, one of the original who drank from the Elixir of Life. The Vampire was destroyed centuries before, but its followers were able to bind its soul to a tome, before they were eradicated. The Spirit of the vampire has been unleashed, but the vampire can never regain its entire physical prowess without first finding and rein habiting its original body which was destroyed upon his death.
    Even though the Vampire is no match for its fellow vampires in combat; He spent hundreds of years trapped in a tome of Magic. He has studied and memorized the book from cover to cover and has become a great Wizard. With thousands of pages of spells and Magic Theory memorized, he has no equal in a battle of wits.
    When the cabal goes to battle, dozens of lesser necromancers advance with skeletons and zombies while their Ethereal Master walks with his fellow ghosts and devour the flanks of their foes. Most Rival gangs have been absorbed into the ranks of the cabal as either necromancers or minions, and now the Spirit Vampire, with the power of an army of necromancers and an entire city behind him, is seeking some lost artifact that will allow him to regain his physical body. The Spirit has begun searching the far corners of the globe and has all eternity, His Will Be Done.

    "Thank him who puts me loath to this revenge on you who wrong me not for him who wrongd"

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    Pm me if you want any help with questions about any Undead, TK and VC... I can answer most of them

    You could also look for inspiration to some fluff if you ask me for it, hehe

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