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Thread: Fluff Army

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    Fluff Army

    At my local store there are alot of events in which 2000 pts battles are done but the clue is: you can use 2 different armies (counts as 2 1000 points armies)

    I find however the use of a combined Chaos - high elf army (even though it would be imba) a little to unfluffy for my liking. I have thus decided to make an army that fits with the fluff. My question to you: Does anyone know of such an army from the fluff which would also give me an edge ingame over other duo users?

    I was thinking something along the lines of: Dwarves of marienburg (dwarf - empire army with lots of seige engines well equiped soldiers and a few miners - thanes and a small unit of dwarf warriors

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    Well, I don't know what armies you own, or what you are willing/unwilling to collect, but I'll try to help a little bit.
    Firstly, unless fluff is a voted category in this tournament, you will see combined forces of HighElves and Daemons.
    Second- whatever two armies you choose, should be able to offset their respective weaknesses. Empire for example are quite squishy, but have great shooting and bunches of cheap soldiers- that could be offset by Dwarves, as you said, who have tough soldiers at a higher price. Better still would be to offset them with Chaos Warriors, who still have the tough soldiers, but also have a huge boost in CC because they're expected not to shoot.

    Dark-Elves & Daemons: it's been done before, in fluff and reality, and people would hate you.

    Dark-Elves & Warriors: again, it's been done for SoC. DE magic and shooting and WoC armor plating. What's not to love?

    Empire & Warriors: humans DO turn to chaos. Good for the reasons stated in the para.

    Vampires & Daemons: nasty nasty nasty magic phases. It was said that Nagash could summon Daemons to his bidding.

    Vampires & Empire: just try to get through a wall of skeletons to get to the mortars and rockets raining death from above. VC have no shooting, and both armies have cheap core choices. Sylvania is an Empire province.

    Dwarfs & Warriors: armor plated to the gills, with a mixture of shooting from the Dwarves, and Magic and Cavalry from the warriors. Perhaps they're Chaos Dwarves.

    There is a lot that you could do in these types of situations, and if you need fluff, I'm sure that the Shop could accommodate anything which you have in mind.
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