Hello folks. This is my first attempt at an army fluff story. Hope everyone likes it. It will be expanded further at other times. It is basically a background story for the Tomb Kings army I am making.

Tomb Queen Femriam

“M’Hatti” proclaimed the figure as he entered the burial chamber of his Lady and Queen. The long flowing purple and black robes settled around the Liche High Priest as the torches set in golden brackets lining the walls and the two large braziers flared into life, illuminating the spacious room. The large sarcophagus that stood in the center of the burial chamber had been worked in gold ornamented with garnet, amethyst, and aquamarine gemstones. The figure carved upon the covering of this sarcophagus was hauntingly beautiful, looking no older than her early 20’s. Motioning to the skeleton slaves behind him, Liche High Priest Iryib had them removed the lid. He then peered down into the sarcophagus, slowly manipulating the spells holding his queen in stasis. Taking a step back upon seeing them brought down, Iryib nodded as a hand reached out of the coffin. Bowing low to the figure that stepped from the coffin, Iryib spoke “Greetings my lady, keeper of the ancient ways, protector of the loyal followers of Basth, Queen Femriam”. The queen looked down at the liche priest, the stated “Rise Iryib, and explain why you have awakened me from my rest”. Hesitantly at first, the liche priest began to speak, “My Queen, raiders have stolen away the sacred golden Icons of Basth from our temple. They also struck and destroyed all but one of your sons as they lay sleeping”. Upon hearing the Liche Priests’ statement, the queen grew furious. The queen strode across the chamber, preparing for battle, all the while stating “Raise my army and prepare them for war Iryib. We shall get the Icons back and add to our slave population with the destruction of the raiders”. Gesturing to the slaves standing behind the priest, the queen sat upon her stool to be dressed for war. Upon them finishing their girding of her in armour, she stood from the stool and glided to the weapons rack. From it, she retrieved a flail, its multitude of head each a different races skull. These skulls, taken by the queen herself, had been magically hardened, and then completely embossed in precious metals. Grinning, the queen slowly made her way out of the pyramid and headed towards the ground at its base, where parts of her army had already formed up, quietly standing in disciplined ranks.
Surveying the battlefield, Queen Femriam grinned to herself. Glancing over at the lower ranking priests that had come with her, she nodded and said “Begin your incantations Liche Priests. It is time to show those vermin that it was a mistake to steal our Icons and harm our Princes”. Striding into battle, her armour looking as though it had been worn by others for many ages past, the Queen turned towards the champion of her bodyguard, stating “Let us move fast. We shall reach combat and strike down these interlopers”. She softly spoke words of power, taught to her by her mother upon having reached her age to be declared heir to the throne. Energy filled the queen and her guards, enabling them to move completely down into battle before the humans in front of her could be overcome by their dread. Upon reaching them, she spoke more words of power, trying to invoke the righteous wrath of her deity, but she felt the power drained away as a wizard across the battlefield countered her. Behind her, she could hear the chanting of the priest growing. Upon the release of one incantation by the recently raised novice, she could hear a loud piercing shriek fill the air as a flaming skull passed overhead and fell amongst one of the formations behind the one she charged into. Another burst of power filled the battlefield, as she felt energy surge into her, causing her guards and herself to strike rapidly at the formation in front of them. Blades of green metal rose in the air and flashed down, with one of them completely separating a head from body. Others scored along armour, or ripped open extended and deep cuts along arms, legs, or even torsos. The heads of her flail, moving in time to the rhythm put out by her guardians, arced along the battle line in front of her, ripping large wounds wherever the heads met flesh. The unfortunate victims in front of her turned and fled, with the queen stopping her bodyguards from chasing with a simple statement of “We have others to punish. Let us have the carrion strip these bodies for us as slaves to be raised later. Until then, let us press our attack”.
Many hours later, the enemy army had been routed. Glancing over the battlefield, she smiled as she seen how many bodies have been added to her slave population. Hearing footsteps upon the sand behind her, she notices the hierophant of the army moving towards her. “My Queen, we have recovered some but not all of the Icons we were searching for. This venture has also cut into our support we need for expanding your empire”. Nodding, the queen spoke, “Liche Priest, you are completely correct. However, at this current time, our expansion will be put on hold. I have heard rumors of an arena. The winner of it shall receive the ownership of the city in which it is taking place. I am going to participate in this Arena. Tell the High Priest that my eldest daughter is in command until my return. If I do not return, have her crowned in my place”.