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Day 1: Koral is compelled to look into her statues hands where the pool of blood formed a face and spoke to her of her quest.
Day 2: Koral gathers her war host and they ride north to the chaos wastes
Day 12: The warriors grow weary from travelling and lack of food. Koral soon sorts out this misery by telling them all stories of the Lustrian treasure.
Day 15: The exhausted warriors are attack by rabid chaos hounds. They are quickly slain although a few warriors were dragged away by them.
Day 18: The warriors finally find the chaos tribe. Koral wastes no time in killing there leader and forcing the tribe to worship Slaanesh.
Day 19: Koral and many of her troops awake to find themselves gifted with the mark of Slaanesh. Later that night all of Koral’s slaves are offered as gifts to Slaanesh.
Day 20: Koral and her warriors ride in search of ships to steal.
Day 23: Koral finds a small fishing town and slays all of the towns guards. She nails them to the hulls of her ships and the warriors are given a day to pillage, finding treasure and food.
Day 24: The army sets sail, and it all goes well.
Day 36: The marauders have eaten all of there food. The Dark elves are not happy at sharing there food. Moral is low. Koral quickly reminds them of the treasure they will earn.
Day 40: The fleet is attacked by a serpent who seems invulnerable to magic. It is defeated by a brave Dark elf who throws a spear into its eye. It submerges after sinking a marauder ship. Koral orders the survivors onto her Dark elf vessel. This does not go down well with the Clans Elves.
Day 41: A marauder is found murdered onboard Korals ship.
Day 43: Korals apprentices discover mutiny amounst the Elves, and Koral quickly discovers the ringleaders. The mutiny ends as they have there blood sucked from there bodies and are thrown overboard.
Day 50: Sailing continues and freak storms aid the fleet towards Lustria. The warriors thank Slaanesh.
Day 60: The fleet arrives in Lustria and sets up camp, apparently undetected by the Lizard men.
Day 62: Slain elves found pinned to rocks with daggers. Koral repays the deed by capturing skinks and brutally sacrificing them.
Day 65: An army of Saurus find Korals men. Koral retreats.
Day 70: Koral has lured the Saurus army into an open clearing and her army slays them all, sustaining only a few casualties.
Day 74: Korals army is ambushed by hundreds of skinks, and despite her victory, Koral loses many warriors.
Day 80: More skinks attack and more men are lost. Koral is forced to enter the lizardmen realm in search of the angel. Her warriors have reported many skink sightings and Koral fears she does not have enough troops to successfully enter the Lizardmen temple nearby…

To be continued