Chapter 1 - A pile of orcs

It was dark inside the labyrinth of caves, as it always had been. Irritated the young goblin, trying to sharpen his blade, suddenly felt something within him. A surge of will, instantly he began to give off a pale green glow. Startled he leapt to his feet! “Who’s d’ere?” No response...

This had been the first time spellslinger had used his magic born ability, previously completely unaware. He smiled at the warm memory. The name had been given to him by his brothers, none of them gifted in magic; it was meant as an insult. None the less the name had stuck.

Sitting on the rock inside his private quarters, he was reading, or at least trying to, with that racket outside. “Quiet ya gits or I’ll feed you to the squigs, I’s reading ma books”. The noise dwindled as the pests moved away. Good he thought, just as he was about to carry on with his mushroom experiment the door sprung open.

“Slinger, the boss wants ya”. Grumbling he picked up his staff and wandered through the passages towards the bosses place. Grotgit looked as irritated as he felt.

“Slinger! Bout time you got ‘ere. Me scouts tell me there’s orcses coming this way. This is bad for me ya know? They’ll take me tribe from me and get it killed or kill it themselves. “

The shaman began to ponder the problem, there was no way the goblins could overcome the orcs with sheer force, and they won’t be talked out of commandeering the goblin tribe. No, a more cunning plan was needed, something spellslinger had prided himself on being able to provide. Really the recent success of this whole tribe had been off his back, no goblin would acknowledge that though, and he was glad for it. Better to lead from the shadows than be in competition with the backstabbers looking to take his tribe from him for themselves.

“WELL? What you fink? Do we fight ‘em?”?

“Don’t be stupid, you couldn’t fight a snotling let alone an orc! No I have a plan. When they get here, invite them in, do what they ask, and arrange a meal to commemorate the occasion.”

The goblin boss didn’t seem to understand half of what he said but he nodded, trusting as always and taking credit for his ideas.

“Right, you got a trick?”

“I can’t tell you that yet, get on wiv' what I told ya for now.”

Spellslinger wandered off down to his own room. He knew just the thing to get rid of the orcs, while he never much liked Grotgit, he was easy to control and orcs would surely not let him go about his business. He began preparing a potent potion that would induce anyone that drank it into a magical sleep from which only the greatest disturbance could wake them. During this time, the orcs would be done away with, never knowing what happened.

He couldn’t tell anyone until it was too late though, some goblin would brag to his mates about it and before you knew, the orcs would know and would lynch the shaman or worse, eat him.
Satisfied the potion was complete he returned to Grotgit who was busy talking to an orc that carried him in a way that showed he was the boss.

“You squig bait just do what you is told, or I’ll thump the lot of ya, we’ze gonna have ourselves a proper waaagh e’re.”

“Yes, yes, very good” replied Grotgit, convincingly meek as ever.

“Get us some food, we’ze 'ungry, unless you want us to eat you?” replied the orc.

“Yes, I’ll get right on it.”

The orc shuffled off, giving a disapproving sneer at the shaman as he walked past, orcs didn’t much care for magic, except of course, when they needed it to win a fight.
Spellslinger handed the potion to Grotgit.

“Put this in the food, and don’t tell a snot-loving git where you got it ok?”
A sly smirk appeared on the goblin boss’s face.

“As you say slinger”.

Grotgit watched on as the orcs had stuffed their faces and now plodded to their various areas to rest, he had no idea what slinger was up to but he knew it would be good. Get those orcses good we will, he thought to himself.
1...2...Free... he began to count.

“It is time” slinger said, sneaking up alongside him.

“Why ain’t they gone yet?” questioned the goblin boss.

“They’re as good as”.
“Tell your fighters to go into the tent of every orc and slit their throat, make sure the cut is deep, they is tuff, the orcs won’t wake for hours yet but be quick”.

An hour later the deed was done, the stench of orc blood could be smelt even inside the caves as the bodies were piled high and slinger set them alight with an ethereal blue flame.

Just then there was a rageful shout heard across the way.
“What have you done you squig loving gits?” Shouted the orc boss who clearly, had been out walking when the others were eating.

“I’ve disposed of the vermin” replied slinger.

“I’ll rip your throat out and make that boss of yours eat it!” He yelled running across towards the two, axe raised high.

But suddenly he stopped, and fell to his knees. His brains were running out his nose and ears.
Spellslinger cackled to himself. “I like my froat where it is”.

A cheer of approval went up from the surrounding goblins, Grotgit was already telling them how he had planned this all along.

Slinger approached Grotgit later that night.

“Grotgit, it is time for us to move out and take what is ours!”
“What you mean?” he asked dumbly.
“Your success has brought your followers faith in you, let us use that to raid this land full of ‘umies”.
Grotgit nodded excitedly, the promise of raiding was one thing he could understand.

Spellslinger was eagre to find new sources of power for his magic.