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    The Dwarf Throng of Angaz Kazad (long)

    I'm soon to start a Dwarf army, but I wanted to give them a good background and history.

    Which is about to follow. The one thing I'm unsure about is the location of their stronghold - I'm happy to have it move to somewhere else more fitting. I can just update the map and the nearest stronghold...

    C & C is welcome and wanted...

    but anyway, without further ado....

    Angaz Kazad - the Iron Fortress

    Angaz Kazad was originally an iron mine settlement for the dwarfs. Located on a very rich seam of iron ore, just to the North of Doom Mountain. the Dwarfs set about building a fortress on top of it. Not a huge fortress when compared to Karaz-A-Karak or the once splendid Karak Eight Peaks. But it was defensible, strong. The iron they had access to saw a unique process, each giant stone used in the walls, the towers, the floors and the ceilings of this fortress, was wrapped in iron. On the sunrise the castle would glint and shine for people to see from miles around.
    Attracting unwanted attention as a result, the dwarfs soon found greenskins tearing at their walls - desparate to get inside, to have the shiny walled fortress for their own. Such was the toughness of the ironclad stones though, that no assault succeeded. The Dwarfs eventually soot blackened and dulled their outer walls…the once magnificent beacon was now a dour black fortress of hidden strengths.

    Imperial Year

    3500 : Dwarfs find rich ore deposits in the Doom mountains. They begin to build a fortress over the giant cave mouth of the mountain entrance. Unique to this fortress, the richness of the iron seams in the mountain means they have the resource to cover each fortress stone with iron, creating a gleaming impregnable star in the mountains. Each stone being covered in sheets of burnished bright iron. The Dwarf Lord of the time, Alfadir, commissions a fantastic shield to be made for him to ride into battle on or to sit atop in his throne room. The shield Sleipnir must be carried by eight dwarfs such is its size.

    -3000 : The dwarf smiths and craftsmen finally finish the bronze and brass filigree on each of the iron stones. The fortress flourishes with trade in ore making them a very wealthy fortress.

    -1948 : Led by the lord of the stronghold Baldr, the son of Alfadir. The dwarfs of Angaz Kazad take part in the razing of Athel Maraya. It is the final act in a long and bloody war for the clan of the iron fortress. They return home, victorious, but with many new grudges to avenge. A dragon prince rends the heirloom Sleipnir in four with it’s talons, sadly slaying the venerable lord Baldr. A quarter is taken home to be reforged into a smaller shield, which the lords of the stronghold are carried into battle upon. Another quarter is lost to the ocean on the journey home as the ship carrying it is scuttled in a storm travelling home. The third quarter is reforged into a weapon to be borne by the lords of the hold for the ages to come. It is said that the blade flashes into combat as fast as quicksilver, but strikes as hard as a falling mountain. The final quarter resides above the gate of the iron fortress, engraved with runes of protection to keep the walls safe from harm.

    -1500 : The Sundering, while the iron walls of the fortress stand strong thanks to the quarter of Sleipnir. The passages within in crack and rupture. The Dwarfs find themselves assailed from within by hordesa of gibbering Skaven, Orcs and Goblins.

    : After decades of bitter fighting, the enemies of Angaz Kazad are driven out for long enough to build fortifications and defences. Iron walls seal off tunnels, a small door guarded by 2 Ironbreakers at all times lies in the corner of each one, any attack would have to come through the door single file. A Thane of the hold at the time Andhrimnir organises a massive feast of roast boar to commemorate the occasion when the fighting stopped. A moment for them to remember the sacrifice of the dead. This feast is made a tradition and held every year onwards.

    : It is with great regret that, after a five years work in mining out the ruins of the underpass, the Dwarf miners come to a section that is surrounded by the skeletons of Dwarfs. They do not belong to the clan of Angaz Kazad - it appears as if they were travelling down the tunnel when the Sundering began. The bones show signs of battle, and runes are found carved in a wooden panel on the wall. It warned that they had to collapse the underpass here as an earthquake had led to the next section filling with water. The miners shore up the collapsed ground. Realising their isolation from the rest of the world.

    : A group of Dwarf Slayers are seen from the fortress viewpoint. They attempt to reach the Slayers and bring them back to the stronghold to ask them about the outside world. But, confirming the situation outside, the Slayers are reported to have met death against trolls on their way to the stronghold.

    : The Dwarf Lord Forseti finally deems the stronghold secure and populated enough to risk sallying forth into the mountains with an army to find their brethren and hopefully let the rest of the dwarf population know they are still alive. They are never heard from again.

    : Miners finally find a way to drain the water from the underpass safely. After draining, they begin work to hook themselves back up to the rest of the world. Mood lightens slightly in the stronghold as for the past 1000 or so years they’ve done nothing but mine and fight the occasional skirmishing party of goblins, orcs or Skaven. There is speak of the underpass as was, and the glory of the Dwarfish empire.

    : Through a combination of using parts of the underpass that they could and forging new tunnels, a connection is made with Karak Azul. The bloodied and wearied Dwarf tunnelling party are said to have wept with joy at the site of Dwarfs of another fortress. Work is started on securing the tunnel as much as they can in order to set up trade between the two fortresses.

    249 : With the help of Karak Azul, the Dwarfs of Angaz Kazad start to slowly move across the old world, they tend to make very good miners thanks to the years spent at the still plentiful mineral seams under their fortress. Occasionally slayers or adventurers will travel down to venture through the iron doors, crewed by the two iron breakers, none are seen again.

    300 : The reigning Dwarf Lord Hermod decides that the grudges against their clan have gone unavenged for too long. With a mighty army bolstered by the allies from Karak Azul. Hermod tears down the Iron partitions to the first of the abandoned tunnels - and moves within, instructions are left to turn these sheets into doors.

    301 : News comes of fierce fighting from within the doors. It appears that in the seclusion and the darkness, Countless Skaven and Orcs have been multiplying.

    310 : Hermod emerges victorious - the first chamber is reclaimed! Smiths move in to secure it’s walls and it becomes known as Midgard and it is the place where humans and traders stay during their visit. Some see it as a waste of a hall reclaimed at such a price, but when the trade begins flowing and the wealth of the Stronghold starts to grow again, those voices stop.

    1111 : As the black plague spreads through the world, the Dwarfs find themselves sealing up the tunnels that they have been travelling to trade and barring the doors of their fortress. The bangs of the infected and the dying on the other side of the iron doorways is silenced by the scratch and the scuttle of Skaven claws…The fortress is besieged.

    1115 : With the storm weathered, the Dwarfs open the gates again. After so long in isolation - even 4 years of being closed off feels a little too familiar again. They start patrolling the Underway again, trying to keep it as clear as possible so trade can flow again.

    2010 : Dwarfs of Angaz Kazad fight against the Vampire Counts in the battle of Hunger Wood alongside Dwarfs of other clans and soldiers of the empire.

    2302 : The Great War Against Chaos sees the iron of Angaz Kazad put to a further test, as the throng mobilizes and travels north to Kislev.

    2525 : Mustering for war again, the Dwarfs of Angaz Kazad joins the army sent from Karak Azul to aid the King Alrik Ranulfson, hoping to settle more grudges and purge the world of a few more green skins.

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