Part 1-Born into Exile

Celathis Sauhain, Great-grandson of Lord Maranith and inheritor of the Lance Caledor's Bane, had a history of exiles in his family. On his mother's side his Great-Grandsire was a sorcerer, banished from Naggaroth for his power whilst the rest of his family fled from Ghrond to live amongst the Shades in the Blackspine Mountains.
On his Father's side his power and influence waned as, after failing to live up to his sire's legacy, Teras Sauhain quickly fell prey to his rivals and was forced to give all he had to the Cult of Khaine for his name to survive, all save his firstborn, Celathis, who was secretly spirited away to live amongst his mother's people.
Celathis quickly forgot whatever comforts he had enjoyed his his brief existance in the city of Clar Karond, scorning his father for his weakness and embracing his wild ancestry. Despite this, Maranith's blood was still strong within him, and Celathis quickly rose through the brutal hierachy of his clan until he commanded their unquestioning loyalty as chieftan.

It was much to the young warrior's surprise when his people were called back to Clar Karond by none other than his estranged father, whose fortunes were waning once again. To remedy this, Teras Sauhain had planned a daring raid upon the Brettonian coast, where he planned to steal away the relics of a hidden Shrine of the Lady before trading them off to the Covenant of Ghrond to secure his fortune.
Such an audacious expedition would require expert tracking and a precision strike, and as such over half of Celathis' Shades were employed to guide the host inland once Teras' hired sorceresses had discerned the location of the shrine. Or at least that was the plan...
As fortune would have it, a group of pilgrims and knights were also bound for the shrine to inter the body of Baron Cedeau of Quellenas, recently slain in an Erranty war in Nehekhara after a disasterous attack on the necropolis of Zarandi.

Upon locating this group, Celathis wasted no time in preparing an ambush, despite being outnumbered four to one the young chieftan was confident that his warriors could easily overcome the clumsy human knights and ill-disciplined sefs that accompanied them. Indeed, Celathis had inherited not only Maranith's skills with the blade, lance and crossbow but also his grandsire's keen tactical mind, it was with this deadly weapon that Celathis had won his frist battle before it had even begun.
From the evening shadows flights of bolts sent knights crashing from their saddles and scattered bewildered levy-malitia as the procession was struck by the bitter warriors of Naggarond's Mountains, slaughtered to a man in minutes to not a single Durchii casualty.
It was rumoured that Celathis himself slew over a dozen knights his blade darting under curiasses and through the slits in helms faster than even elven eyes could follow.

Claiming half of the captured relics carried by the convoy for himself and his clan, Celathis rejoined his father's warband before spearheading the attack on the shrine itself. Here resistance was far stiffer as the local knights had risen in arms and, warned by their seers, quickly moved to defend their holy sight.
However even with the grace of the Lady the noble Knights and men-at-arms defending the shrine could not hope to triumph against the raw power of Dark Magic unleashed upon them that day, however bolstered in spirit by the presence of their deity they refused to flee, holding doggedly in desperate hope that the procession from Nehekhara would return to aid them...
It was ironic then that the Brettionians' hearts rose when figures began to emerge from the forests surrounding the shrine and they redoubled their efforts to beat back the attackers, mustering their strength for one final charge into the heart of the Durchii raiders.
However these phantom spectres were not men but twisted creatures of Chaos, drawn to the battle by carnage and the Sorcery of Teras' mages. As the knights rode from the shrine, waves of Ungors, Gors and Minotaurs overwhelmed the forsaken defenders, whilst Bestigors and Centigors crushed the charging column before they could reach the Durchii lines.

Such was their detestation of the Shrine and it's aura that the Beastmen set to work desecrating and defiling it, a fatal error as Turas' mirth at the fate of the Knights quickly turned to rage as his potential fortue was cast into jeopardy. With Celathis by his side the two cut their way through the unwary creatures' ranks, driving the beasts from the temple and securing its treasures once again.
Amongst those trinkets that the Durchii discovered was a blade of what appeared to be their own making, scribed with foreign glyphs and inlaid with skulls, bones and other macarbre devices. As the weapon seemed devoid of any enchantment (save a brutally keen edge) Turas was glad to gift it to his son, having no desire to keep the weapon for himself.

The raiders left in high spirits, making swiftly to their Black Ark as knights swarmed into the countryside from afar, determined to bring the fleeing elves to justice. Once again, the Prophetesses of the Lady discerned the destination of Turas' expedition and a mighty host of knights rode forth to intercept them.
Despite Celathis' best efforts at covering the riaders' tracks or ambushing scouts their pursuers gained ground relentlessly, fuelled by a zeal stronger than the Dark Elves' hatred and bitterness. Not, however a match for the cheiftan's cunning.
Recalling the battle of the shrine, Celathis took his lieutenants and stole into the woods, bringing a captured serf with them, surley enough, as the elves hid from view, the beasts of the forest were drawn to the victim, who's doom was certain. Following the creatures back to their camp, Celathis sent word back for more prisoners to be brought forth until he created a human chain leading to the Knights' pickets to the Beastmen's camp.
With the taint of Chaos clouding their vision the prophetesses could not warn their army of the threat that came upon them that night, leaving nothing but ash and charred bone in its wake.
The desecration of the shrine was quickly forgotten as the local lords turned their attention to stalling the growing Bray-Herd that gathered in their lands, whilst Celathis slipped back to his father, who was said to have sent the moon hiding with the harshness of his laughter.

And thus did Celathis seal his and his family's fortune, however, his tale does not end there as the Durchii are a people who's ambition knows no bounds, especially when under patronage from Malekith himself...