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    [COLOR=blue][COLOR=blue][COLOR=blue]Ok, so heres the epic story of the Necrarch Vampire count, "Targa". I know it is a tad on the longish side...dont read it if you dont wanna, this is raw, untapped boredom at it's best!

    It was during one of many Chaos invursions to the Northern Empire that this little story takes place. A great war party led by an even greater learder who had rallied the flags of a very large number of chaos worriors marched against the Empire. Although it was part of the warlord's plan to destroy any unarmed villages he may come across, what happened to a little north eastern village happened totaly by accident.
    A small army of tzeentch worshoping fanatics seperated from the main horde during an Empire ambush. Instead of rejoining with the herd, these men just started marching southward. Being small as they where, they were either not noticed, or just ignored (due to a greater threat to the north). Unfortunitly, they ended up farther south than anyone had anticipated.
    They walked right up to the front door of a completly defensless city, and seeing no opposition, the wizard who was in charge of the force told his troops that it was play time. The little city had no idea what was going on. Those who tryed to flee were slaughtered, and those who tryed to hide were found, raped and murdered.
    A preist took in as many people as he could into a crawl space in his church. One of these people was Elisha Targa. Unfortunitly, luck is not always on one's side, and the wizard leading this army noticed the little space. The eleven people in hiding were drawn out, and unspeakable things were done to them. Elisha was cast aside after the powerful wizard had his way with her, down beside the battered holy-man. He, in a beaten daze, took immense pity for her, for she was young and this torture was beond cruel. He then passed out.
    In his unconciousness, he dreamt of his god. He told him to preserve the woman and her child, when it was born. That child was destined to clense this world of many, many chaos. Far more, he said, than any other empire born person had or would ever kill.
    When he awoke, the wizard and his men lay about, their blood spilt all about the church. Three men stood bathed in the blood and adorn in full armor. the priest looked around; where was the poor Elisha? The knights may have said something to try to comfort the dellusional man, but he was in no mood to listen to them. The girl! I must find the girl!
    Outside stood many more knights and other men, responsible for coming to the towns aid. But lined up along the side of a building was nealy a dozen women, including the girl Elisha.
    "For the love of Sigmar, you must stop," cried the man of God. Men stood with their pistols cocked, and did not turn for the priest's calls.
    "We found these girls tainted," said a knight of high stature, "as a holy man you should know that it is our duty, not our will to kill these innocent women."
    "I know, and it is regretable to the fullest extent, but this girl was not stained" he said, pointing to Elisha.
    "how could you know, i saw you asleep, laying next to her, and her clothes were torn to shambles," responded the knight.
    "Spare this one, for i assure you, she was not a vassel for the chaos indulgance. He laid no more than a hand upon her before you arrived and she has not been seeded by any twisted creature!"
    The knight excepts the story, and executes the rest of the girls. Nine months later, Elisha gives birth to her son Han-ariah. The priest had cleverly moved the girl and himself to a village on the other side of the Empire, away from those who knew them and the pesky knight who may check up on them. Soon, Han-araih had grown into a clever young boy, who showed much magical promise and loved his mother very dearly. At 12 he was taken away to join the Empirial wizard university, to the displesure of his mother but the great excitement of the white collar man who had lived with him all his life. At school, he did exceptionaly well.
    twelve years later, after excelling in all magical aspects taught in the Empire, Han wished more power. He fought a few battles as an advisor in the far east against some orcs, but truely he felt wasted without more power. He heard that there was a city called Lamhia, in Sylvania, where the rulers had powers beond mortal desires. He was granted a leave of duty, but only after the orcs were slain. The plans his supiriors had to slowly but firlmy would have taken months, if not years to clean out all the tribes in the area. Dispite his pleeds, they would not hasten their plans. Han pulled rank and, led by himself, destroyed the orcs in a matter of 2 days. He was immidaitly released from service for pulling rank, but because of this exceptional display he was not otherwise punished. He hopped on the next caravan to Sylvania.
    Contrary to its reputation, Lamhia was a magnifesant city. Banners filled with color hung from the proud buildings, market and street venders were lulled by massive crowds of people, and all there were many finely dressed men and women casualy walking the streets. There was an increadible feeling of order, the whole city seemed to be in presice tune. Han knew not were he would go in the city of blood, but he felt so overwhelmed with the flow of the city that he just went with it, enjoying the feeling, and after walking several blocks, he came to an even more wonderful building. It stood out amongst its taller brethren. It was some sort of temple, and its funtction was obvious. In the shimmer of the setting sun, dried blood could be seen, seeping down from the great stony alters. There were no windows, and the whole construct was made of thick, heavy brick. This was the protective home of the emortal Wizards and worriors who rained over Lamhia.
    A man adorn in a suit of complete armor marched down the great steps leading from the temple. His excursion stopped at the base of the stairs. With his hands he beconed me to follow him to the temple, and soon Han stood inside the Temple of Blood.
    A pale man garbed in heavily worn cloth greated Han inside the lightless temple and dismissed the knight he called "Abhorash". The man, who looked more like a corpse, introduced himself as Epidamius, Vampire Count of the Necrarch noble blood. He read in the stars, so he claimed, of Han's arrival to the city, and of his great power. Epidamius wasted no time atall, and after a swift example of magic, Hans was seduced by the power of Vampires. Hans drank the black blood of the Count, but to his dismay, felt his origional power leave him and the pain of his eternal transformation.
    "You betray me?" Han-araih said.
    "No, not quite," the Vampire reputed. "You are now my thrall, your blood is only a fraction the purity of mine...but you will still be under my will. Isn't that a clever little trick?"

    Several years later, the banners of three warlords waved just outside the great city walls. The vampires were sought to be destroyed. Epidamius had started collecting his tomes and scrolls for when he had to flee Lamhia. Han, truely under the will of Epidamius, did some of his bidding. Epidamius had cast several clever spells on his own blood and another on Hans just before he drank it which had subtly taken away Han's will. Hans was a powerful wizard before his conversion, and Epidamius used Han's intelligance and cunning in his experiments. Hans resented his capture, and had always plotted his vengance.
    Epidamius and his minions left the city when it fell to the overwhelming force of the warlords. With what magical ingrediants and such they could, they escaped to the east, apart from the other fleaing Vampires.
    They wandered, like a nomadic tribe, for months, abstaining from comsuming human blood. They encountered hardships, several of which may have killed them, but unfortunitly for the rest of the world, only ended up making them more powerful. They raised a small force of their enemies, and under the leadership of Epidamius, wandered a little more comfortably.
    Just before they were to weak to sustain the undead worriors, they came across a city. They razed the it to the ground and feasted for two nights, but lost almost half their hoard in the process. They were forced to move on shortly by an army sent to avenge the town.
    Others had heard of the slaughter in the town. The Vampires slipped throw a mountain pass to escape the human threat, and found themselves at the base of a wood elf army. Epidamius pointed his crooked, white finger at the elves and ordered the assult.
    Bones shattered on both sides, but to the dismay of the elves they were loosing ground. An elven sorcoress found her way to Epidamius and cast a spell that costed her life, but destroyed Epidamius and his force. Hans and all the other disciples felt their power (what little of it that it was) drain away and watched as their bone worriors crumbled to dust as they should have long ago. The witch had cast a spell that supressed magical power! The Vampires fled again, and the wood elves were in no condition to chase them.
    After years of hiding (and plotting), Hans had grown charismatic enough to attract three ripe wizards who wanted to add the necromancy to their spellbooks. Hans had studied magic as a thrall who could never practice for too long, and made a deal with the wizards. If they killed Epidamius, he would teach them the lore that would give them power over death. Epidamius was quick, even without magic, and would have beteen the three wizards, but Hans lept from hidding and struck the final blow.
    With his master being destroyed, Hans was free to attempt to dispell his supression. He returned to the place where the elf sorcoress fell, and as he had suspected, found a howling banshee scouring the mountain pass. He destroyed her, and freed his power, which had grown strong with the destruction of Epidamius.

    K its late, but there isnt much now.... ^_^

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    Cool start for a story. Slightly long though.

    One problem.

    A small group of people are really able to take over an entire city? Maybe you should say they were all were wizards. Or they summoned some daemons. Or something.

    However, its a pretty good start to the story. (Y)

    Keep smilin'!
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    116 (x6)

    completely defenseless city vs small army of tzeentch fanatics, my money would be on the choas troops for sure. Sounds pretty good although the whole play time rape bit sounds abit slaaneshi
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    178 (x3)

    there is one major hole in your story but that could be changed easy enough...

    the city of Lamhia was in Khemri not Sylvania and fell a long time before the Empire even existed.

    Other than that keep up the good work-

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