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    Blood in the Badlands Spring Season Finale

    As spring came to an end in the badlands the tension mounted between the forces of order and destruction. Zavros having been cut down near the end of the season was succeeded by the true controller of the armies of chaos who fought under his banner. His fickle patron had driven him to his death and all but scattered his armies. The sorcerer, renamed by tzeentch, Shriva took to the field in the great battle to end the season. She was joined by another chaos lord and the owner of the keep, a gruesome Ork Warboss. Each of these armies had brought armies to match hers, and they were determined to defend this land.

    As the battle commenced Shriva brought forth her armies to bolster the chaos who had been under control of Zavros in the preceeding months. From atop her disc of tzeentch she was able to see the toll the goblin warmachines took upon their enemies and the retaliation of their enemies upon the ramparts. A many of the warmachines of the forces of order took severe damage and the main gate of the stronghold was breached in the first salvo. In retaliation her hellcannons and the hellcannon of her ally released a salvo of gore and bone upon the forces of order again, destroying a handful of dwarves, a grudge thrower, and a few plague rats.

    As the salvo from both sides stopped the forces of order rushed towards the ramparts, hoping to storm the walls. Shriva felt a twist in the magics all around her as magic swelled around one of the rats, a grey seer by the look of it. His power continued to swell larger and larger, no matter what she wanted to do she would not be able to stop what was coming. As she tried to catch a glimpse of what was happening a squad of chosen in one of the towers started to transform. They slowly started to hunch over, the power starting to change them slowly. As the power ended the transformation stopped abruptly and the mangled forms slumped to the ground, leaving one of her lieutenants left, an orc shaman, and a chosen champion that managed to survive by sheer luck. The power within the skaven had taken its toll however and had taken his strength, leaving him with little left to use. In the remaining few moments the three were filled with rounds of ammunition, and she saw her lieutenant barely survive and stumble away into his marauders who hurriedly removed him from the fray.
    As the spell ended the skaven’s warmachine suddenly let forth a shot that tore apart a section of the wall. The warriors of hers for the most part stayed on their feet and braced for the incoming dwarf attack. The warriors beat the dwarves back and held the section of the wall, albeit it to a few remaining chaos warriors. She could tell this would be a hard fought battle, but chaos would not fall.

    In retaliation she summoned her power and joined her warriors on the wall. She drew in as much energy as she could and launched spell after spell, her spells splattering off of her enemies, her magic being disrupted. She searched the battlefield for what could have been doing this and found it, the anvil of doom. She directed her hellcannons to two more of the dwarven siege engines and destroyed one of them in the next salvo.

    She heard the roars of the trolls as skaven tried to rush up the walls on the other side of the fortress, but trolls would not fall to filthy rats. Her warriors pushed into the tower where the chosen had been. With a loud roar the chaos lord riled his manticore and it lurched out of the gates and slammed into the side of the skaven war engine, the crew of the war engine running in terror from the beast. The beast lurched into the next nearest target and started clearing out the rats.

    As the battle continued a hellpit abomination slammed its bluk into the tower with her warriors and started to smash into them. It tore through her warriors, but her warriors did not go down without tearing into its hulking form. It seemed to be unaffected as it slowly tore through her warriors. As the hellpit rampaged into the tower giant tunnels opened up under a siege tower and a grudge thrower of the dwarves. The skaven who had been fighting under the fortress had won their fight and had managed to destroy some of the forces of their enemies before having been occupied by another unknown enemy.

    To this end the goblin shaman cast a spell that rampaged through the enemy ranks and removed a multitude of rats. The rats continued as if nothing happened at all and surged into the other chaos lord and his manticore mount. As the skaven units swarmed him he tried to get away, but he could not and was overcome by the rats quickly. At the same time the hellpit abomination managed to finally clear the defenders from the tower.
    Just as all seemed bleak and lost there was a loud WAAAAGH!!!, and forces of allied orks who were at the watchtower surged onto the battlefield. The dwarves and skaven, dismayed that their allies had been broken and that they were now overwhelmed lost their conviction and ran. Just as swiftly as the tides had turned they had turned once again. The forces of disorder had won this battle, but there would be others to fight. Shriva looked upon her allies as they pulled the chaos lord to his feet, his warriors fighting the rats off of him. She then looked at the greenskin commanders, recognizing their features.

    She smiled slightly before giving the signal and pulling out of the territory. This may be the last time that she saw these commanders in a friendly light. After all chaos is fickle.

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    I serve my master and do as he wants. He wants the badlands, thus they will be his.
    -Shriva the Damned

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