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    Past the fabled lands of Cathay and the legendary kingdoms of Ind lies the isle of Nippon, a land said to be richer than all of the other kingdoms of man. Even this island nation has been touched by evil, though few know or speak of it.

    Once there was a noble named Agasha Tomo, a sorceror lord with intense loyalty to the Heavenly Emperor (is that what their king is called?). One year an army from the Ogre Kingdoms invaded the island. At the time Nippon was swept over by plague and its army was decimated. The Emperor called upon Tomo to find a solution, and he found one. He made a pact with an outsider from the West, a man called Necrarch, that if he would grant him the power to defend his homeland he would serve under him for the rest of his life.

    Little did he know that he had made a grave mistake (pun intended) an the stranger killed him. The outsider then brought him back, he had turned him into a vampire, one who feeds on the living. He raised an army of the undead and slaughtered the ogres to the man, but when he returned he did not receive the hero's welcome he had expected. Instead he found his fortress destroyed and his province pillaged and burnt.

    He went to the Emperor and asked why and who had done this. He was immediately imprisoned on arrival. He found out that he was to be executed as an abomination, he burned with anger, hatred, and hurt by the betrayal. He saved the kingdom and was now to be killed for what he had become. It was then that he realised that he was stonger, faster, and better than these mortal fools, these living things that he had grown to hate with such passion.

    He escaped and summoned an army of the dead and sacked the capital, but he left without killing the Emperor or taking control of the land he had fought for, but no one knows why. Some say it was because he still loved the island, others say it was to come back when they are at full stength, but none can say anything with complete certainty.

    It is known that the stranger known as Necrarch was found dead and his ship gone and it is thought that the lord formerly known as Agasha Tomo, or the Vampire Daimyo, sailed to the Old World to start a new kingdom, a kingdom of unlife.

    they're gonna be blood dragons and Tomos gonna be a Blood Dragon mounted guy, though i might give him a dragon. i'm thinkin black and red for the scheme (big suprise)

    Pain is life, while I feel pain I still live, and while I still live I will seek vengance.
    We are few but strong in will
    The last with pagan blood
    We fought the world with burning steel
    Now we sit in Hall of Gods

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    this sounds like a bril idea

    you could make him with samuri armour for going on the dragon (cool idea)
    Yes people i know that my spelling and punctuation is awful but I am product of British teaching pollicies so what can I do about it?

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