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Thread: Dwarf Fluff

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    Dwarf Fluff

    I jsut picked up the April WD and I like it. Quite a bit ond warfs YEAAAAYYY

    So heres what Im interested in.....

    All the Various holds...
    The color scheme associated with each one...
    Each holds distinguishing feature...

    I got TONS of dwarf models jsut waited to be painted right after my exams are done, and would luv to have a characterful army.

    Hold: Name
    Feature: (eg, tradeport etc, destroyed in this or that war etc etc)

    Im also looking for fluff relating to when holds were lost to skaven and orcs. The dates, names of the holds,(what the orc/skaven renamed them), location, what battle, and significant other info

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated......plz help me out with this one, only 10more days till my exams r over

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    I haven't gotten my copy of the new White Dwarf in the mail yet, but here are the two major holds that the Skaven helped bring down:
    Karak Varn
    Karak Eight Peaks (City of Pillars)
    The ancient skaven, before the Great Horned Rat revealed himself, used light magic. At about the same time the Slann were shifting the continents, the skaven built a giant tunneling device powered by light magic. It went awry (probably due to Slann Magic) and caused major earthquakes and volcanoes to destroy many Dwarf holds.
    Later, the skaven flooded the lower tunnels of Karak Varn (in now what is the southern part of the Empire).

    Karak Eight Peaks' lower halls were taken by skaven over the span of a few centuries. It was very bitter fighting but poison wind globadiers finally defeated the Dwarfs. The Orcs and Goblins took over the upper halls

    There is an interesting story of the High King fighting skaven in the abandoned halls in Karaz a Karak.
    “Cry ‘Havoc’ and let slip the dogs of war!? - Julius Caesar, Act III, Scene I

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