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    my army's fluff (dwarf)

    the main comments are not on my fluff, which is mediocre at best, (i mainly made it to explain the fortress im making), but the special rules, i was trying to be creative with them, and make the fortress a bit funner.

    The Story of Ankor-a-Duraz Grong.

    Less than one-hundred years ago, countless numbers of dwarf explorers descended into the underworld of the earth through the tunnels dug by the dwarf miners. One young, gifted miner, Grungi Pickmaster, was out with his party opening some old tunnels when he almost spilled his ale as a glimmer took his eye’s attention. Grungi quickly put down his tankard and lifted the shining stone. It was a rarest of occurrences. The stone was pure gromril. This was the beginning of the story of Ankor-a-Duraz Grong. So the dwarfs descended to the site in hopes of finding more gromril. Quickly it was recognized that once the goblins or skaven or heaven forbid dragons would learn of the riches to be gotten in the site, they would rush to the Duraz Grong. So the dwarfs quickly went to work on building a fortress. Besides its wealth in gromril, Duraz Grong was best known for its massive gate, (hence its name which literally means, “Realm of the Stone Anvil�) which was all but invisible to the eye, in order to conceal it from the view of goblins. No single enemy has ever broken the gate quickly enough in order for them to stop the reinforcements from arriving. If an enemy wished to invade the fortress that is Ankor-a-Duraz Grong, its best chance is to invade through the mining tunnels, which partially explains why the main foe of Duraz Grong are the skaven. Only a few years after the rush for gromril the dwarfs soon discovered the terrible truth that the gromril ended. Duraz Grong soon became more isolated, and the rush died down. The legend of Duraz Grong was forgotten in the realms of the dwarfs. Today Duraz Grong is slowly dying, half of its inhabitants are older or longbeards, and only a few privileged of these are allowed to bear the gromril armour of old, for these are the ironbreakers of Duraz Grong. Besides that fact, most of Duraz Grong’s warriors are middle-aged Today the king of Duraz Grong is Alaric Axemaster.

    Special Rules

    Fortress Rules-
    1. The gate of Duraz Grong is automatically the better gate (+1 damage pts.).
    2. The only three races that can enter Duraz Grong through its mines are: Dwarfs, Skaven and Orcs and Goblins.
    3. At the beginning of every turn, the enemy rolls two dice, if they get a double one then they may not fire or attack the gate that turn, however if they roll a double six, then they may see it for the rest of the game.
    4. The mines of Duraz Grong are old, so if there is a dwarf unit in the mines (bec. they're heavy waista and armour), the dwarf player must roll two dice, if they get double ones he takes the small circular template and places it directly in the middle of the mine, roll a dice, on a 4 and up, the template moves 2d6 inches directly toward the fortress, on a roll of 3 and down, the template moves 2d6 inches toward the entrance of the mines. All models completely under the template take a strength 4 hit (look out sirs allowed), all models partially under the template take a strength 2 hit (look out sirs allowed).

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