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Thread: HE Fluff

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    HE Fluff (updated)

    This is just a little bit of fluff im using for an upcomming tournament. I plan on using this bit to expand into a bigger story and create some real fluff for my HE. Any comments/ suggestions would be appreciated.

    Commander Azrëal looked dimly off into the distance. Aeolus had searched ahead and found this position, almost perfect as it overlooked the road and offered good cover to conceal the movements of Azrëal’s forces. Mage Alatáriël kept control of the archers while Azrëal mounted Aeolus and took to the sky. Soon the dark kindred would pay for this intrusion into the lands of Ulthuan.

    Aeolus screeched its mighty war cry, drawing the attention of the Dark Elves as it dived towards the Dark Host formation. Cross bows were aimed and fired accurately, however the feathers of Aeolus snapped the bolts as they hit. This was Alatáriël’s queue as he called down strike after strike of lightning creating havoc within the Druchii. The archers fired volleys into the DE line felling one after another as the enemy tried in vein to suppress the incoming fire.

    Azrëal summoned forth his burning hatred and let go a terrible flame engulfing several Druchii’s, as they ran in terror and tried in vein to put out the blue flames. Aeolus clawed at several at its feet, as they tried to knock Azrëal off his mount. One Witch Elf jabbed deep into the eagle’s stomach. As it twitched under the pain of the venomous sword, the winged beast shrieked and pecked at the Witch Elf, cleaving straight through bone; disemboweling her in two. Aeolus’s fury was too great for the Dark Kindred and soon only a pile of bodies lay at the feet of the great eagle.

    Now the dark kindred were regaining there composure and were starting to resist the ambush. Cold One knight’s had been trying to get at the archers but the steep hill was more then enough to impede the already slow beasts. But now they were at the feet of the archers and Alatáriël ordered the retreat of his force. The knights began there pursuit and were already in a frenzy at the site of a coming slaughter. Several High Elves fell under the feet of cold ones who picked them up in there massive jaws and ripped flesh from bone and crushed armor before devouring the bodies. Alatáriël looked back in disgust and walked back into the oncoming charge of the cold ones. The knights looked at such a pleasing target and lowered there lances. One knight looked to the left and stopped his charge suddenly and stood in horror, as the agile Dragon Princes ripped into him. They parried the brutish blows of there enemy and quickly and efficiently dispatched each cold one rider before turning there attention to the more dangerous mounts. However without the riders, Cold Ones were stupid and the decades of training aloud the Dragon princes an easy victory.

    The ambush had been fully implemented and it was time to leave. Azrëal and Aeolus took to the air and signaled to fall back for this battle was over.

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    very nice fluff :rolleyes:

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