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    Lahmian VC fluff Part 2: Anita's Story

    Ok well this is second lot of fluff that I've written for my army, this time concentrating on the background of one of the necro's that got just a brief mention in the first piece. I was alot happier with this piece, it just seemed to flow alot better when I was writing it. But again, comments/suggestions/feedback would be welcome.

    Anita's Story

    Anita knelt at the side of her father’s grave, and wept. Wept as she had done now for nigh on a month, ever since her father had succumbed to the illness that he had been fighting all winter. She looked up into the night’s sky, the moon shining full over head, feeling the tears running down her face knowing that she was utterly alone in this world. And yet here, in the graveyard, by her father’s grave, she felt anything but alone. This was her home, the only one that she had ever known. Her father had been the grounds keeper (and sometimes grave digger) of this local cemetery all of her young life. She was fifthteen now, and had shared the grounds keeper shack that boarded on the edge of the cemetery grounds with her father up until he had died, nursing him in the final few weeks. Since his death, she had been allowed to stay on in the shack out of respect to her father, and it was the only place that she wanted to be, where she felt like she was still close to him.

    There had been mummurings amongst the local villagers that it was not right for a young girl to be staying by herself, in all places a shack that boarded on the local cemetery. But there had been mummurings about Anita for most of her life. Her father had loved her dearly, and protected her fiercely, but even he knew that there was something different about his daughter. She would wander the cemetery at night, happy and content, often heard talking to herself and having strange conversations. When he queried her about it one day, she told him matter of factly that she could feel the dead out in the cemetery, in their graves, laying there, and sometimes she said she could even see them. She said that some were at peace, sleeping, but others were restless and angry, not wanting to accept that they were dead and now gone from the world. Even others, Anita told her father, were confused and did not even realise that they were dead. They were the ones she said that she saw most often, wandering around the cemetery, looking for long dead loved ones and places that they knew when they were alive. The others, Anita told her father, she could just feel buried in the ground, as if she had this power inside her that she was able to reach out with, like icy fingers pushing into the ground and the graves and touching their long dead bones and bodies.

    Her father had worked in the cemetery for most of his life, raising his daughter by himself after her mother had passed away in child birth. He had seen things over the years, half glimpses of what appeared to be someone standing over a grave at night, but he never gave it much thought, until now. He knew what the local villagers were like, superstitious peasants and idiots, the type of people who would accuse his daughter of being a witch, or worse. He told his daughter to nurture her gift, but to keep it to herself, telling her that the local villagers would not understand, and would instead persecute her for it.

    Kneeling by her father’s grave now, Anita remembered her father’s advice, and made a silent promise to her father that she would heed his words.

    She felt movement behind her, and turned around, looking into the darkness trying to see who or what it was. She reached out with her power, using it to search the darkness. She felt a restless spirit hovering over it’s grave at the back of the cemetery, but the movement she had sensed had been closer than that. All the rest of the graves seemed to be mostly peaceful, with just the usual suspects angry and sullen as they always were at being dead.

    Suddenly from behind a tomb out stepped Heinrick. Anita got up from her knees slowly, and started to back away. Heinrick had worked with her father for years at the cemetery, mainly digging graves, sometimes helping her father to maintain the grounds. Anita had noticed for several years now the way that Heinrick would look at her when he thought her father wasn’t watching. It had scared her, the way that he would leer at her and watch her. He hadn’t dared to try anything because of her father. But in the last month that had all changed now. It was only two nights ago that he had groped her, ripping her dress and slapping her when she resisted. A local villager who had dropped in on her to see if she was getting by ok had saved her, causing Heinrick to flee with the promise that he would return and get what was his. Anita hated him. With him standing in front of her right now with no one else around, she felt her stomach in knots with fear as she wiped at her dried tears. There was something else though. She felt her power inside her expand and go deathly cold, filling her up and reaching outwards from her.

    Anita screamed as Heinrick lunged at her and grasped her arms tightly, ripping open her dress and moving with her as she fell to the ground with him on top of her. "Don’t struggle you witch!" Heinrick yelled. "You will only make this hurt more if you struggle. Your father is not here to protect you anymore, it would be wise if you just gave in and gave me what I want!".

    Heinrick smiled as he felt Anita’s body relax and stop struggling against him. "That’s better" he said, his lips curling into an evil smile as he leant down and took his tongue up along Anita’s cheek in one long stroke. Anita lay there trying not to resist, while she felt her power build and rise inside her. She thrust it out, icy fingers of her power searching the graveyard, pushing into the graves and tombs and coaxing the bones and corpses to life. Heinrick suddenly pushed back from Anita, moving to his knees shivering, rubbing his hands up and down his arms as if he was trying to keep warm. "What was that??!’ Heinrick hissed. "What did you do??!!" he exclaimed.

    "You’ll see" Anita said, a smile forming on her face as she sat up and supported herself on her arms, slowly getting herself up to her feet so she could watch.

    A hand broke through the earth and grasped Heinrick’s leg as he screamed, a bony finger piercing the flesh of his calf causing him to scream again in pain. From behind him Anita watched as a corpse pulled itself from it’s grave, this one had more flesh on it than the first one, which was just a skeleton. The flesh showed the effects of decay as it hung off the corpse, the skin around the mouth and eyes was withered and shrunken, the eyes in the eye sockets now nothing more than dry husks, all the moisture long gone. Soon more corpses joined it as they shambled forward from their graves, dried dusty skeletons coming from the older sections of the graveyard, all of them swarming Heinrick as his screams filled the cemetery. His screams were suddenly silenced, replaced by gargling before finally the death rattle, his blood coating some of the bones of the skeletons and the rotted flesh of the newer corpses.

    When Heinrick’s body slumped to the ground lifeless, the corpses and skeletons turned and faced Anita, standing there silently, no emotion on their faces, just awaiting her next command. She could feel her power surrounding them and entering them, animating them, giving them purpose. She realised why she had always felt at home in the cemetery, the power that she has ties her to them, and them to her, linking and binding them to each other. She smiled, knowing that she would never have to be afraid of anyone again.

    "It’s time to put them back in their graves, Anita", Anita heard a voice behind her say.

    Anita turned around and saw Julianna, her childhood friend that had been looking in on her every day ever since her father had died. With Julianna was her mother, Valentina, as well as two other ladies that she had never seen before. The two ladies were two of the most beautiful women that Anita had ever seen before in her life, but they were so pale and white, unnaturally so. She reached out with her power again, this time to the two women, and felt her own shock as she realised that they were not alive. She could feel a power that animated them, but it was not like a life force that humans had, it was something different, something cold. When she thought that, something cold, Anita realised that the power that animated these two ladies felt a lot like her own power did. The confusion and puzzlement must have shown on Anita’s face, as one of the ladies smiled at her broadly.

    "You are not sure what we are exactly, are you Anita?" the lady said laughing. "We look human for all intents and purposes, perhaps a little pale, and yet you know that we are not," she continued. "I felt you reach out and touch us with your power, felt your reaction when you realised how similar our power is to yours, but at the same time, you could tell that we do not feel anyway in the same as these dead bodies that you have raised and called just now."

    Anita frowned at the lady as she tried to comprehend what she was telling her. She had never felt anything like them before, and again she felt fear building in her stomach.

    "You don’t need to be afraid of us, Anita" the lady said. "We do not wish to harm you, we were impressed by your little display right now, and feel that we can offer you now a family to replace the one that you have lost."

    "The one that you have lost" thought Anita. She remembered her father and turned around, trying to see between the corpses and skeletons for her father’s grave, as a terrible thought overcame her. Then suddenly amongst the crowd standing there she saw him. Anita felt tears well up again in her eyes as she recognised her father standing there in the clothes that she had buried him in. His body still looked fresh and not withered and decayed like some of the others did, but that almost made it worse. He looked like the father that she knew, and it broke her heart to see him standing there, knowing that it was only an empty shell that her power was animating. That what made him her father, was no longer there with him, and with that he was truly gone from her.

    Anita felt Julianna and her mother, along with the other women move up behind her, the lady and Julianna placing their arms around Anita’s shoulders, comforting her. "I know the pain of your loss Anita, losing one’s parent is never an easy thing" the lady quietly said to Anita. "I lost my own father two centuries ago, and yet it still feels like yesterday." That made Anita turn away from her dead father and look at the lady. "Two centuries ago? How could that be??" questioned Anita, feeling the shock on her face.

    "We are Vampires, Anita, Lahmians. My handmaiden Musette and I" the lady said, introducing her companion. "That is what you felt when you reached out to us with your power. I have not been a mortal for over two hundred years now" she stated. "I am just glad that I was able to keep it hidden from my father before he died, it would have been too much for him to bear. Since his death, well a mourning, heart-broken daughter meant that people did not question too closely her keeping a closed court, and some other more unusual habits."

    At the mention of a "closed court", Anita noticed the robes and dresses that the lady and her handmaiden were wearing, rich and golden finery denoting someone of high birth.

    "My name is Belle Morte, Anita. I am a daughter of Gisoreux as you and Julianna and her mother, Valentina are. Musette here," she said motioning again to the other woman, "is from Bastonne." "Julianna and Valentina share your gift for calling the dead, necromancy if you will. However, while it appears your gift is a more natural one, Julianna and Valentina have had to study and practice for many hours to unlock it’s secrets. They both should be able to help with your training to master your gift and it’s secrets, and make your power even greater" smiled Belle Morte.

    Anita turned back and looked at her father, and then turned back to Belle Morte.

    "I don’t want to die" Anita said with sadness in her voice. "I don’t want to grow old and wither and become sick like my father did. I don’t want to end up a lifeless corpse like my father is now" she cried, fresh tears returning.

    "Shhhhhhh child," soothed Belle Morte, "it’s ok. We will teach you how to use your power to not only raise the dead, but extend your life, so that you will never die. We can even help you to not age, as we will do with Valentina and Julianna. The blood kiss will not be necessary, we do not wish to dilute your own power in anyway, but we can share some of our blood that you can use in your rituals and ceremonies of your necromancy that will help you to obtain eternal youth. Unfortunately, the stench of death will always stay with you, but there are many perfumes and remedies at our disposal for masking that." Belle Morte stated with a smile.

    "Belle Morte, we need to be on our way, the time is shortening" stated Musette, Belle Morte’s handmaiden. Belle Morte acknowledged her handmaiden and turned back to Anita. "Come child, it is time to say your final goodbyes to this place and return them to their resting places. It has become too dangerous in Gisoreux lately for us to stay here. My secret has been discovered by some meddling fools in the court, and it is no longer safe for us. We are heading to the Pinnacle to join the great Queen. There you will be able to hone and practice your gift and your talents, and will have the family that you crave to have once more. We will return to this place one day, I promise, where we will have our revenge on these fools!".

    With that Julianna guided Anita forward to stand in front of the throng of Undead waiting patiently for new orders. "Just reach out to them again like you did before, but this time will them back to peace and rest" whispered Julianna. "What about Heinrick’s body though" said Anita, only now remembering the slime dead on the ground. "We should bury him or hide the body or something, shouldn’t we??!". "Leave him where he is, Anita" Julianna told her. "The Ghouls will make sure that there will be nothing left of him for anyone to find. He deserves no better than that."

    Satisfied, Anita turned her attention back to the waiting throng. She looked at her dead father sadly, but forced a smile on her face. She gave him all her attention as she said her final goodbye. "Thank you father, for everything that you did for me. I will always remember the time we had here together, and will never forget you. You are my father and I love you. I will never let anyone take that away from me again."

    Anita closed her eyes and stretched out her hands. She reached out with her power and felt it as it snaked it’s way through the thong, touching and surrounding them all. She felt when it touched her father’s corpse and she smiled. "Goodbye father" she thought, as she willed them back to their places of rest, corpses and skeletons shambling back to their graves, lying on top of them before sinking back into the earth, the earth coming up like water and covering them, until there was only stillness again in the cemetery.

    Anita opened her eyes and sighed, then turned and joined her new family as they prepared to leave for their new home, making a promise to herself to one day return to this place again, her first home.

    What will your mommy sing when she finds your body....

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    Truly impressive, I apoligise for not reading it sooner. Certainly one of the better pieces of Warhammer FB fiction I have seen on this site for a few months at least!

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    Extremely good. One of the best pieces of fluff I've seen in a long time.

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