well, seeing as they have the "Conquest of the New World" thing coming up at my local shop, i thought i'd throw in w/ an Empire army, though themed after Spain (and Italy and Portugal cuz they're kinda similar) as they were the ones who conquered the New World in out universe. I'm using the spanish form of my name for the captainish leader guy (first one who knows the meaning gets a gold star ), i havent got an army book yet, so bear w/ me on the details.heres the story i have thus far:

Mateo woke up drenched in sweat. The sun had not yet risen but it was already stiflingly hot in this wretched place men called 'The New World'. In the past fortnight he and his men had been here they had found only the same disappointment as they hade in the old one. He remembered back to the few days before he left and laughed darkly. I'll not succumb to this hell hole he thought.

He, Mateo Giovanni Diamanto, was the son of a wealthy merchant from Estalia who had financed a voyage to the New World in the hope that the party would find treasures beyond their wildest dreams. Instead, they found only pain and suffering. 17 of the 200 man had fallen from disease, and 6 from encouters with strange animals such as enormous serpents and giant jungle cats. He did not expect the future would hold anything brighter. His thoughts were immediately interrupted by a young man entering his tent.

"Sir..sir, are you awake?" said the boy, his head peaking through the tent flap. "Yes, Fellipe, i am awake," Mateo said with a small smile at the boy. He was hardly 11 and somewhat scrawny, but he didnt complain as much as the soldiers, which was why he liked Fellipe. "Do you require assistantce equipping yourself, sir?" the boy said looking at the golden armor on the stand near Mateo's field bed with more than a little awe in his expression. "No, thank you, I believe I can manage, now away with you, dont you have chores to do before we break camp?" he said, trying to look serious, but barely accomplishing it. Fillipe left the tent and Mateo got up. He looked into a small bowl of water on a stand and dipped his hands in, then splashed water on his face. After his morning grooming regimen, he looked towards the stand on which was his armor.

The armor, which had been a gift from his father upon the beginning of this voyage, was gleaming, even in this low light, standing there like a golden statue of some unknown god. Looking at it made tears well in his eyes, and he hoped he would be worthy to wear it. He donned it slowly, except the helmet which, while beautiful, weighed more than he cared to lift at this time. He looked down at his now shining form and smiled mildy. Let my enemies try and face me know, let them know their ruin he thought to himself.

His thinking was interrupted by the sound of gunfire and shouting, and he rushed out of his tent into the steaming Lustrian morning...

ok, more to come soon, comments and criticism are welcome