This is just a little bit of fluff about my Grimgorz Ard' boyz army and ow' dey came to fump sum umies! we iz da smarterest :lol:

Warboss Ead'Choppa looked around the Orc encampment and watched da boyz do there edbuttin fings and stuff and uffa orc stuff like dat, dunt wurry umie ya wouldn't undastand .
His ladz were sum of da meanest greenest Black Orcs and Big'uns (dey were big and dey wen UN!) dat Old world ad eva seen and dey were ded proud of it too . Ead'choppa watched da boyz play Elf Bowlin, it waz a real orky game dat e' ad came up wif all by im self, ya see dey got sum o' dem Umie cannonballz or sumfink like dat and den dey chukked em at the Pansy elves dat dey cunningly nailed to da ground, Pure Orc Genious. Ead'Choppa's OrcTenant Arm Rippa walked up to im and nodded.
so boss wheres we going wif all da boyz? iz we lookin for anufa fight?inquired Armrippa

Ead'choppa turned around to his boss "of course we iz lookin for anuva fight we iz da Orcs you dummy!!", he cuffed armrippa around the ead' and continued iz intellijunt convermasation.

"You see i iz finkin we iz gunna go and join Dat Grimgorz Lot cause dey ded good fighters and so r we so we can go wif dem to bash sum umies, dats wat im finkin" pronounced Ead'choppa proudly.

Armrippa scratched his thick orc skull and considered it for a while. "But boss dem lot av' no gobboz so wat r we gunna do wif ourz eh boss?". Ead'choppa cuffed Armrippa around the ead' again and continued

Ead'Choppa put forward his plan."now u lot see dat i already fought of dat cause i iz cunnin like Mork and Brutal like Gork, now my plan is we gaffer up all dem gobboz and da Snottys and we put em on wings and launch em at da enemy. fink of it like a rock lobba but gobbo and betta!!"

Armrippa scratched iz ead' again and funk about dis. "Dats a very cunnin plan boss, so we get to av' fun wif da gobboz and chop sum umies, sound like fun!", after he finished speaking he got another cuff around the ead' by Ead'Choppa.

The next morning da boyz set off to find Grimgor and iz ladz and as they rode of into the sunset all that could be heard was....

"but boss wat if we dont find Grimgorz Ladz, will we end up in da rong spot or sumfink?"

well that was my little bit of fluff bout me orcs. I dun fink theres much more i can say about them apart from that they chop stuff like umies and dem Pansy and stunties and da damn Deadies etc. etc. Anyway sorry if it was a bit ard' to understand for you non orcy types maybe i'll post up a translation to umie. Plz reply