The Dwarf hold of Kazad Marrach

Located in the grey mountains between the Empire and Loren forest, Kazad Marrach is home to a race of dwarfs known to men as the “Crandaigh�. The Crandaigh are a strangely friendly race of dwarfs who often-welcome trade from the empire and other nations and races. Unique to the Crandaigh is the open lifestyle that they favour, having many settlements surrounding their fortress home and having an expanding populace of 4000+. But alike to their normal dwarf counterparts they share the grim attitude towards the fall of their empire and are very very slow to forget the misdeeds done upon them.

Due to having a rather cosmopolitan life style leads the Crandaigh to be very optimistic (for dwarfs that is), they eagerly search for trading partners across the known world and have close links with the dwarfs engineering guild. Unfortunately this open attitude that the khosani has often leads to greedy barons and forces of raiders to assail the walls of the mountain hold hoping to reach the huge coffers of gold within.

To defend them selves the Crandaigh, their mountain hold alone within a peninsula, has several rings of walls quarried out of the mines bellow the mountain surrounding it each of these gets progressively thicker the closer to the mountain you get with the thinnest being 13 ft think and the last 40 ft. along these walls are tall towers brisling with all manner of war machines from bolt throwers to flame cannons.

Within each ring of the fortress’s walls there are several settlements each made from a few clan houses. Each house holds one of the younger clans of the Crandaigh and quite often the entire settlement is linked by a large tunnel system and even more often there are tunnels between the different settlements within one of the ring walls.

The outermost wall is populated by the Freiceadan – the professional wall guard of the Crandaigh- though every male dwarf with in the hold is a part of the army only the Freiceadan are 100% active and they form the elite of the army. There are two groups of Freiceadan, the Geannair are the storm troops of the hold and form the kings body guard in battle. The second group are the Cuas these can be best compared to the iron beakers who defend the undgrim ankor, heavily armoured and equipped they patrol the vast caverns that are bellow the first wall watching for any one who would wish to go under the outer defences to attack the hold.
The rest of the army is formed from all of the shield dwarfs within the hold and these make up the rank and file of the holds forces and every dwarf has to provide his own equipment . This is usually from weapons handed down through the ages and leads to strict traditions with in clans leading dwarfs to fight for not only the hold but the honour of their clans history.

Dwarfs of mention:

King of the Crandaigh, Rikbur Bronze axe

Third in his line Rikbur has led the hold for 400 years now and has in his time fought off several attacks from orcs, goblins, ogres, beastmen, barons and dukes from all neighbouring areas. While at the same time setting up trading routes with the dwarf holds to the south and east. Fighting much like king Alrik Ranulfsson, Rikbur rides upon a large shield in order to fight his foes as if he were mounted or to battle mounted knights face to face. Bearing his mighty runic axe “gromdal dum� or the ancestral doom Rikbur battles with an unlikely fury and is found often at the head of any conflict blowing his war horn “Adarc� which is known to halt even the mightiest forces in their tracks with its ghostly howl.

Rune lord Droki Ironfist

A dwarf of the grand age of 536 Droki has worked with in the mountain for almost his entire life fashioning weapons and armour for trade and equipping the holds armies. Being in the ownership of an anvil of doom he emerges from the mountains forges when the hold is under a heavy attack and lets loose his runic knowledge and help crush any attacks that have tried to assail the mountain.

Thane Hlend Bravehill

Rikbur’s standard-bearer Hlend has held the title of Onchon for 78 years and is captain of the Freiceadan.

Runesmith Thromdil Cairndig

Apprentice to Droki Thromdil has been studying under the rune lord for 100 years and now works independently of his teacher creating runic weapons for the warriors in the hold.

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