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    Chaos: mortals (incomplete)

    Heres the beginning of my fluff, its incomplete at the moment, comments welcome here it is

    Hráth Dreadaxe

    Erwin Swung his sword at the foul daemon Dhar I’ekaqsh, the daemon raised his blade in defiance and deflected the blow with ease, Erwin was getting tied now they had been fighting for hours, the daemon unleashed a flurry of blows upon Erwin which quickly became to much for him and the daemon penetrated his defence catching him in his side, Erwin roared in pain.
    Erwin swung his blade in a wide arc and court the daemons arm, the daemon seemed shocked and paused for a moment, a second figure stepped into the room catching the daemons attention and giving Erwin enough time to strike the daemon in the chest and kick him in the gut, the daemon stumbled through the gateway
    “Begin I shall hold him off� shouted Erwin as he followed the daemon through the gateway; the figure that had entered the room began to chant from a book held in his hands in tongue that had not been spoken for many centuries, Erwin stuck the daemon once again as it roared in agony it lashed out at Erwin with his hand throwing him of balance the daemon plunged his blade into the mortal warriors side, Erwin gritted his teeth and kicked the daemon, the daemon stumbled backwards and began to laugh
    “Is that all you’ve got?�
    Erwin hobbled out of the room keeping his eyes and sword on the daemon
    “Come back,� roared the enraged daemon as the gateway closed, in its place stood a tall silver mirror, Erwin slouched against the wall and began to breath heavily
    “ Are you alright Erwin?� enquired the other man as he rushed to his side
    “Yes my friend, my job is done� Erwin smiled and then closed his eyes


    Jeagar Honarik entered the temple, he had never been here before, it had been cut into the rock face and hidden by ivy and other bushes, it was cold and murky inside and the air was stale with age, he slid his hand across the surface of the wall it was covered in a greasy substance, he pulled his hand away from the wall with a sudden jolt as he heard it again
    “Jeagar� whispered a cold and soulless voice “not far now Jeagar, follow my voice�
    Jeagar continued forward slowly, his hands shaking slightly. His breathing was heavy and could be seen in the cold air, up ahead stood a rune-incrusted door the runes shone brightly in the darkness, his heart missed a beat as the soulless voice came once again
    “Jeagar, just through that door Jeagar, not far now�
    He continued slowly down the dark tunnel, he reached the door and pushed against it hard but nothing happened.
    “What do I do?� Jeagar said out loud hoping for a reply from the voice
    “The rune Jeagar� came the voice again “the rune in front of you, push it in and turn it, do it Jeagar�
    He put his hand on one of the runes, it was hot, incredibly hot, he pushed hard on it, with a clunk he began to turn it, another clunk, it started to hiss, steam was poring from the gaps in-between the runes the door slowly started to slide open
    “That’s it Jeagar� said the cold lifeless voice “through the door now�

    Jeagar entered the room and stepped into the centre, it hadn’t been disturbed in centuries it burst into light as a flame trailed from one side of the door all around the room reaching the other side of the door, against the wall stood a long mirror, the edging incrusted with runes of binding
    “ Wher-where’s is it?� Mumbled Jeagar
    “Patients young Jeagar� whispered the bitter voice “The mirror, it’s a gateway, go, go through it and there you shall find what you seek�
    Jeagar paused for a moment and then walked towards the mirror; he gently placed a hand upon the mirror, his hand slid through it with ease, the mirror rippled as if it were water. Stepping through the mirror he found himself in a small room lit only by two torches against the back wall, he felt a shiver go down his spine and he became increasingly colder it felt strange, he didn’t like this room, there was an alter piece, upon it lay an axe with a face like blade, incrusted in the blade where teeth, teeth as big as Jeagar’s own fingers, he picked it up carefully it filled him with renewed vigour, he felt its power flow through his body.


    Jeagar stumbled through the camp face set on the ground and axe clutched in hand; he walked into the centre of the camp and screamed out loud
    “Torgan, FIGHT ME!�
    A tall figure came out of one of the tents closest to the campfire
    “Jeagar, you challenge me?� said Torgan
    Jeagar rushed at Torgan and swung his axe in a wide arc aiming for Torgan’s neck, Torgan parried the blow and booted Jeagar in the gut, stumbling backwards Jeagar regained his balance and began to laugh, Torgan walked towards Jeagar and swung his axe at him the blow was parried with ease and Jeagar brought the axe around for another blow catching him in the head, bone cracked and blood splattered across his face and floor, Torgan fell to the ground, blood started to pool on the floor around his head, Jeagar kicked him in the ribs to make sure he was dead, he turned to the crowed, Jeagar raised his axe high in the air the blood dripping from it onto his face, the crowed took a step back absolute horror written on there face’s, Jeagar smiled, a response worthy of his greatness.
    “Jeagar� came a familiar cold and shallow voice
    Jeagar turned, his face contorted in terror Torgan had gotten to his feet, the wound began to knit itself together, his face started to twist and contort, his arms became Lean and strong with talon like hands, his body was marked by the gods and he became tall and muscular, he cracked his neck and smiled.
    “It feels so good to be out of that place with a body of my own,� continued the man.
    The strange figure started to come closer to Jeagar
    “Give me my axe Jeagar,� said the bitter voice again “I may decide to spare your life�
    Jeagar tried to take a step back but found himself rooted to the ground, he could not move, he tried to scream but no sound came, it was upon him, the dark figure grabbed him by the neck and began to chock him, Jeagar dropped the axe and rapt his hands around the figures strong arm in a vain attempt to save himself it began to get dark, the light began to slip away, his eyelids became heavy, and then, nothing

    Last edited by Hrath Dreadaxe; August 22nd, 2005 at 13:27.
    -Hrath Dreadaxe-

    ....or is it Sam?

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