Prince Kal'Rion fingered an arrow nerviously as he strolled through the forest. An elf of an

average height (which has a head taller than a man), flowing brown hair, and dressed in

simple woodsmen cloaths. To the simple race of men it would've seemed a simple stroll

through a pleasant wood but Kal knew better. There was an aura of malice surrounding the

glade and he didn't like it. Regardless he pressed on deeper into the forest. Time past

unheeded by the elf, his concentration lay elsewhere, the malice was getting stronger. It

seeped through the bushes, the trees, the very earth itself. It was moving rapidly, closer to

him. Kal closed his eyes, sight would be useless until the malice was fully upon him. There

was nothing to hear, not a leaf stirred. Then he sensed it, the sound of the softest touch of

silk upon the ground. It was enough for the elf, in a flash he spun, gripping his bow and

notching an arrow. In front of him was another elf, taller than Kal, blond, clothed in dark mail

and a dark green cloak. His mouth was covered by dark green cloth and he held an arrow

tightly gripped in his own bow. "May Isha shine on you this mourning" Kal said smiling, the

other elf snickered. Kal was about to inquire the source of amusment but suddenly other

elves surrounded him, all with bows in hand and dressed in the same manner as the first.

Kal swore, they had him. Begrudingly he put his bow away and held his hands up, palms out

ward. "I'm here to speak to the mistress" he said slowly reproachfully glancing at the many

arrows standing but an inch from his face. As one the elves put their bows away. They said

not a word as they began to walk into the folladge. Kal followed them. A short treck brought

Kal to an awesome sight. A gleaming collum of elves stood before him and his 'escort' armor

and spear tips gleamed in the sun, dulled only by dark green cloth. He could make out

horsemen in the back ground as well as big wheeled caravans. The malice seeping from the

collum was almost overpowering. In out came five elves, oppviously the commanders of the

army. Two of them were mages as they wore no shinnig steel. To Kal's surprise two of the

elves eminated no malice at all: a tall elf with cloth drapped over his mouth and a trailing

dark green cloak and a maiden elf, beutiful beyond reason with haunting blue eyes. Then

something else caught is eye. Standing with the five elves as a figure clad in strange but

no less ornate armor. He bore symbols of the grail all over his armor which marked him out

as a human of Bretonnia. Kal drew his sword and so did the knight, he was surprisingly quick

for a human. "Enough" spoke the maiden, her voice was soft but was laced with authority.

Kal obyed instantly but the human was slow to sheath his weapon. The maiden turned to the

knight and her expersion softened "Please Orlando he ment no harm" the knight bowed to

the maiden and sheathed his blade. "Thank you" she turned her attention to call "you are

here to speak to me I pressume" there was no mistaking it, this maiden was the mistress.

Kal swallowed his disbelief before speaking "Mistress your army was sorly missed during the

storm of chaos and several dark elf intrusions, Prince Tyrion demands to know why" Kal gave

an uneasy glance to the human "And I would like to know what a human is doing in

your company." The mistress gave a pleasant smile "both your inqueries can be answered in

the same story which I will waste no time in telling."


Cristina swung her elegant sword in time to her silent guardian's blade-pole. She had been

practicing with him for the past couple of hours but she cared not. This was her home, a

magnificent palace grown inside a great tree, and she had a goal to meet. Her brother was

returning from Bretonnia and she was detrimined to beat him in armed combat. Although

actual weapons would not be used they would fight with great detrimination before the host

of elves. It was a sacred ritual for the male elves of royality to be sent to bretonnia for

training and upon their return they would chose an adversary to display their new-found

skills. He had chosen her and she would make sure her beloved brother didn't waste 80

years for no gain. She started to falter as her guardian's strikes became more elaborate.

Ordinarily she would've asked Carl Swift, the horse-captain, to train her. His fighting style was

more...natural but he was busy escorting the prince back home. This left her with only her

guardian, she was hesistant the first, the guardian was the most skilled elf in the palace and

he didn't know how to hold back or even talk for that matter. He started to move with

blinding speed now, armor flashing wildly and green cloak whiping back and forth. Cristina

was hard pressed to keep up. She stummbled in the middle of what appeared to be a

slash/stab and fell to the floor. Her guardian was beside her in an instant offering his hand.

She took it with a muttered thanks. The guardian helped her up and looked at her. She knew

that expersion 'you sure you don't want to stop?' before she could reply a young elf ran in.

"Pardon mistress" he said bowing clumsily "your brother has returned"

--more to come--