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    Help on special characters

    I don't know if it is entirely legal to make up your own models (I think it is but you have to agree with your opponement first) but here are some tips I think might be helpful. For me anyway...

    To make the actual model I usually just slightly alter some lord or even special character (turn his head around, give an extra weapon, change his arm ect.). I don't usually go to the bother of making some crappy original core unit, but I did once. I wanted him to be a Dark Elf, but I had to make up some seriously whacky fluff 'cos he looked like a wight lord. *Some loyal elves have a spell placed on them that on the eve that they are struck down in battle, they re-awaken as undead Druchii.* He had the same stats as a warrior, exept he carried a shortbow and can be used as a scout. Big waste of time.

    Most special characters are mounted, but I have a highborn who is not... paint him as you will. Don't care if he's green with polka dots.

    Making up fluff is the fun part. For me, anyway. I just say he began life as a____________(poor person, thief, highborn or rebellious highborn). Then he rose to the rank of x aged x. OR: Then he was caught stealing from a /n x. He quickly became a respected officer, with many brave exploits under his belt/He quickly escaped from jail, murdering a guard. Thus began his life on the lam. Then some of his exploits have to be made available. (His most remarkable feat was defeating two hawkships with only two artillery pieces) or (He murdered Elector count Rothmsfeld as he slept, somehow defeating all sixty guards) If the guy's a villain, he could make a pact and become a good guy. Now, what is s/he doing? Maybe sailing around the seas, preying on allother ships. Or perhaps breaking into banks in Altdorf. Then, finally, a legend or curse can be placed on him. *It is said he will only be allowed on land if he slays Ithizmar of Ellyrion, and to this day spends all his time looking for him,* or *However, when he returns to L'anguille, the spell will be undone and he will turn to bones and dust.*

    I hope this has been informative. Of what, I can't be sure...
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    Did you see the sticky topic in this forum? We already have a guide but your welcome to contribute towards it.

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