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Thread: Vampire Fluff

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    Vampire Fluff

    Hi i jsut wrote this as fluff for my new blood dragon army, any comments on it would be appreciated. Thanks.

    My lord,

    I send this letter with my fastest rider, for time is of the essence and I fear we must act swiftly.
    As you commanded I journeyed to the ruined city of Azshar, the peasants we passed on the way would not talk with us, hastily shutting their windows and barring their doors. This aroused my suspicions so I instructed Hans and six of my finest marksmen to fall back and form a rear-guard.
    As we approached the city the sun grew dimmer, the valley in which these ancient ruins lay shrouded in mist. We walked into the valley, empty hovels, on either side of the path, devoid of inhabitants for centuries. We entered the ruins unopposed; there were no signs of the walking dead that were rumoured to dwell here. We blindly stumbled into what appeared to be a library, ancient scrolls littering the ruined tables.
    I spent no less than three moons poring over the ancient texts, reading of the city that once lay here. A region of chivalry and honour, the city was the capital of a vast kingdom that covered most of our current territories today; the ruler of this kingdom was a mighty warrior, known to the citizens as Andzhar.
    The texts covered in detail the ceremonies and traditions of the people who once dwelled within these walls, the final text that I read gave a hurried description of the kingdom’s dealings with a neighbouring province ‘Til’. There were many trade routes that existed between the two kingdoms, until according to these texts the ruler of Til sent his armies against Azshar. The armies of Andzhar were scattered all over the realm, protecting various provinces against marauding ratmen. They were ill prepared for such a sudden assault on their capital.
    We can only assume that the assault against the capital was successful as we stand here now in its ruins. I have deduced that the people of ‘Til’ are in fact the ancestors of our kingdom of Tilea
    I led the expedition out of the library, intending to make our way home. However as we left the city walls we came face to face with a knight. Tall as an oak and broad like an ox, adorned in ornate golden plate armour. The knight turned to face us, revealing his face, pale skinned with two vicious fangs jutting out of his mouth, a vampire. He introduced himself as Andzhar, stating that we were trespassing in his city. Markus stepped forward, and before I could stop him introduced us as royal emissaries of Tilea.
    Markus’s head was rolling on the floor before I had even seen the vampire draw his sword. I sent the royal guards you entrusted with our protection to attack the beast before fleeing westward, but I fear it will have bought us precious little time. Centuries of undeath are plenty of time to perfect the art of war, and I fear he has now been made aware of the presence of our fair kingdom.
    It is only a matter of time before he marches north, if the tales are true he will have legions of the dead at his side, seeking only one thing:

    Your humble servant,

    Hurgen Wiels

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    Very nice, the only fluff I've ever seen in letter form. I think it adds to the mysteriousness. It would be a great way to start a book! Only one thing I can really think of, a date would have set the time and given the letter a more serious feel. 2 thumbs up in general.

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