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The Ascension of Georg Von Rauch
And the creation of The Knights of Malevolence

I did not always tread the paths to immortality, I once served my dities as a militiaman in a small town on the fringes of the Empire. Living in the small hamlet was to outsiders an idilyc existance. But our town for reasons that escape me even to today seemed almost, to be a nexus. A focal point for raiders. Barbarians, Skaven, and Orcs. All these and more raided or village more often than chance would allow.

Suddenly it all became worse. The number of and ferocity of attacks became too much and our militia could no longer hold back the tide of blood. The Emperor let more than half our population get butchered before help arrived. Before it did grief and hatred overcame us. We laid a trap for the relief force and slaughtered them all. Salvaging equipment from the soldiers we left the Empire for ever. It was not long before we had the fotune to waylay a number of Knights Panther. We destroyed them and plundered their equipment to serve both as cavalry and a constant reminder of the hatred we have of "benevolent" rulers and their vile lackeys.

We carved a bloody path north and I quickly rose to a position of power in the band, finding both more brethern and more importantly the attentions of the Blood God. Khorne gave unto me a sacred charge. I was to wipe clean the filth caused by the goodly realms. After that it was revealed to me races such as orcs, ogres, and dark elves would turn the world into an everlasting temple of war.

I am Moloch the Harbinger of Pandemonium, none will stand in my path.