The new vampire blood line....

The Colossons, like all vampires can be traced back to Lahmia, but this bloodline has only been around recently compared to other vampires, certainly within the last 100 years. With the masses of bodies being buried some strigoi vampires fed like maniacs. Over a long time, the musculer figures were slowly transformed into larger, bulky figures. Slowly, the strigoi had ghouls bring them corpses due to the fact these monsters couldn't move far themselves. WIthin several months these bloated creatures lost the ability to use their hind legs, weighing in haevier than several horses, and being substancially larger.
When the men of the empire found these creatures, they made easy kills and brought riches and fame to the men who killed them. Many men would bring back teeth, claiming they had slain a vampire. This wasn't entirly false, but the tendancy of men to lie soon made many men seek these creatures to hunt, then they're carcasses would be left to rot, the disease killing of anything that entered the woods later. The fattened strigoi soon became a danger to the regular strigoi inhabiting the woods, and so became hunted by these creatures aswell.
THe next 10 years almost saw the extinction of the "Colossons" yet they had an ace up they're sleeves. Desperate they gave a weakened version of the blood kiss to certain ghouls, not strong enough to make them vampires but just enough to make them stronger than before.

When Colossons march to war they are carried by ghouls, while the strengthened "vhouls" storm forward ready to slice anything that challenges they're masters. While Collosons have lost the ability to fight effectivley, they're hides are incredibly tough, and they're magic powers rival that of the necrarchs. Colossons despise summoning skeletons and zombies, as the memories of being shunned by everything, and then themselves has taught them not to use the same methods as their vampire cousins. Instead their necromancy bends death to enhance the vhouls in any way possible. It is for many reasons that Colossons are regarded strangest of the vampires.