It was early afternoon and already Bortemm was drunk. Sartia sighed as he walked in to get him. Of course, for men of their proffession it was understandible for one to drink a lot. Sartia and Bortemm were part of a mercenary unit, soldiers for hire.
Their small unit of ten men was not varied. Their captain, Rotilier, was a sadistic bully from Altdorf. He had a red face and got angry quite easily, but if there was one thing he did well, it was fight. Most of the soldiers waere of the Empire, but Ariell was a High Elf. She was a potent mage.
They were in a small Estonian town, Srotth. The reason they were their was to eradicate a vampire that was preying on the populace, and a handsome reward they were getting for it, albeit from an anonymous customer, a 'Baron Aitras.' As darkness fell, each man (except for Bortemm who wa busy getting pissed) got ready to sleep. Sartia yawned.
"Well, I'm going to stretch my legs," he informed Rotilier. "Don't wait up."
Rotlilier sat up. "Just be back before dawn," he blared.
Sartia wiped the saliva of his face and pocketed more powder for his flintlock.
The men were woken b a terrible death-shriek. Rotlilier automatically reached for his cutlass. The company (minus Sartia and Bortemm, who still hadn't come back) followed the sound of the screech.
Sartia ra round the corner, wiping something of his face. "The bodies a couple blocks down," he gasped. "It's Bortemm."
Gartler covered his face. "May his soul go straight to Sigmar."
Straight after a sleepless night they inspected the castle. "Let's split up," said Lupzinsky. "Good idea," agreed Ariell. So they split up.
A hideous screech filled the air. Ariell was the first on the scene. Sartia's face was blank, his sightless eyes gazing vacantly 'round the treasury he had been inspecting. Gartler and Zeckerbruuck soon caught up with Ariell.
The men kept disappearing. First Lupzinsky, then Poltt, then Sambrist. Zeckerbruuck disappeared one nght and no-one ever saw him again.
One night they all slept in the castle. Ariell had just made a remarkable discovery. Getting dressed to share this informative tidbit with her group her smug countenance was disturbed by hearing Gartler gibbering Sigmars name. There was a hiss, a yell, and Gartlers gibbering stopped. Ariell ran all the way to Rotlilier and Moslatt. She told them about Gartler.
"But listen," she panted. "About Baron Aitras-"
"Not now, Ariell," yelled Rotlilier. "I know yah think yer smart an' all, but-have you seen Moslatt?"
Slowly, they both turned round. The images of Moslatt's dismmbered head would haunt them for the rest of their short lives.
"Tell me about Aitras," whispered Rotlilier.
An airborn creature swooped down. Rotlilier drew his blade and cried, "Sigmar!" but for once he was outclassed. His decapitated body flopped onto Ariell whoshrieked and pushed it away. Coming to her senses she attempted a spell but the evil vampire dispersed her spell. She tried again, this time sending a teribble fireball at the creature. The creature snarled and put the fire out with his own counter-curse. From this point onb Ariell was helpless. She stuttered, screame, and begged for mercy, but to no avail. The vampire slowly advanced on her and ripped her head off. For a split second a look of recognision appearwd in her eye. Then her expresion was blank.

231 years on, Grogman finished telling the 'Ten Little Mercenaries.' Riatsa was unimpressed.
"Is that all?" he said.
Galltt sat down beside him. "What are we doing?"
"Hunting this random vampire, courtesy of Baron Astair."
"Well not no longer we's not." Talltmann, the company commander, came up beside them.
An unsatisfied expression passed over Riatsa's face. "No. That will not do at all."
Talltmann looked stern. "I give the orders 'round here. Now pack up. We did ours homework and discovered Baron Astair is old enough to be my great great great great great great grandpappy. 'E's 332, he is."
'Riatsa's' blade flashd out. In a moment, only Talltmann was alive. He gasped. Sartia dropped the fellfang and bared his fangs. After 332 years of carnage, Talltmanns pleas for mercy were ananswered.The Lahmian vampire inserted his fangs into the mercenary captain, comdeming the human to an eternity of torment.