The scene was set. The moon shone down in a thin beam on the village. No living thing occupied the cluster of houses, everything was dead, yet still moving. The clouds had formed into faces of terror, of pain and fear. Dying men and women could be seen simply by lifting ones head at an angle. Everything was silent, the Tyriton troops had been waiting for a long time. The general knew that timing was critical with the undead. Everything had to go perfectly for the humans, or they would fail.

Despite first glances, the undead army was more organized than the humans. The ghouls has neatly placed themselves on the flanks, motionless incase the humans saw. A false movement could result in another 5 hour wait on both sides, so the ghouls didn't risk even breathing heavily. Just in case. Also zombies and skeletons moved into positions silently, preparing weapons and lowring spears.

The tyriton troops were mainly mounted. Their horses excelled in hit and run attacks, Tyriton itself was well known for its hit and runs, not for toe to toe combat. The strigoi had no worries, he hovered above the village surveying the landscape and sending ghouls off to tactical positions. Veteran of a thousand battles, with more experience than any human general, against an army of lightly armoured cavalry with barely enough weaponry to fend of a couple of wolves. This would be easy.

The wait was agonising, for both sides. The general knew the undead and his troops grew tiresome of this, and after some persuasion from his captians, decided to charge in. The whole plan of waiting for the perfect moment was crushed by human impatience.

The sounds of several hundred hooves suddenly thundering into action could be heard. Like a great storm surging down the hill, the undead braced the line under the power of the strigoi, and as the cavarly hit, it was clear the undead would win for the cavalry made no mark on the undead, no noticable source of pain to the living breatihng dead host. Rather ironic really.

The light weapons of the horsemen couldn't break through skeletal shields, or deal enough damage to finally put undead souls to rest. Skeltons jabbed back with spears and swords, bringing rider from mount in a delecate swipe. The undead were filled with an unnatural grace and elegance that night.

As their age old tactics predicted, the Tyriton troops fled, ready for another hit and run. Yet this time there was a vital flaw in the ancient tactic. As the cavalry fled, the undead sprung forwards, seeminlgy under a spell that gave them unholy speed. More men were cut from saddles as the undead pursued like a viper. Only about 50 of the original 600 made it out of the initial charge, including the general. The captains who had convinced the general to charge all lay dead or dying on the floor.

The strigoi spoke to the few human survivors, in a great booming voice halfway between a roar and someone whispering in your ear
"You have shown me your thunder, now let me show you mine!"
The strigoi raised his arms, and roared. The ghouls leapt from their positions and encircled the survivors, slowly pacing towards them with huge grins on their bloodstained faces. Many carried the crude spears the humans had, showing these ghouls hadn't only just joined the battle.

However from the forest the could be heard what sounded like thousands of leathery drumbeats. No, millions of leathery drumbeats, and it was getting louder, and louder, and louder. Sqeaks and groans as the thunder drew closer. The humans terrified as to what was going to happen all turned their horses, only to find no escape. The undead plan had been exectued perfectly.

Suddenly from the forest erupted millions of bats. They descended like vultures, squealing and screeching as the wingbeat noise grew to that of unbearable. Humans had no defence, the bats were simply too small to swipe, and wriggled into every nook and cranny to bite and suck exposed flesh.

The survivors were gone in minutes. The passage to Tyrtion was left wide open for the strigoi. The undead army began to march.

"Lets do this..." snarled the leader, the killer, the destroyer, the everliving, the vampire.

The god...