This set of short stories has to do with the human that becomes the vampire in the "strigoi carnages". I hope these will expand my stories even further to make them more interesting for people to read. These stories are set about 800 years before any event in the Strigoi carnages.

Tyriton, city of dreams. People would come here in search of the riches it was told to bring. The walls were lined with elegant white marble stones, vast towers stretched to the sky, rippling with magical energy caused by the wizards who lived there. No evil had ever set foot in the city. No conquering horde ever made it passed the gate. Heaven on earth with twisting alley ways where odd merchants would try to sell you odd potions claiming to make you odd shapes and sizes. Probably nonsense, but you gotta love it. People would travel the streets with their carts, lined with gems and necklaces from far off lands. There was a certain buzz about Tyriton, and it attracted thousands every year.

Edward Strowger. Part of the government of Tyiton, he owned a large, elegant mansion with vast acres of land strecthing out behind to form a beautiful garden. Statues of exotic creatures like the lizards of Lustria formed magnificent, yet subtle additions.
From his balcony Edward could see the mad men, the zealots, the flagelants parading around claiming that a great evil was rising. Nonsense. If a great evil was rising anywhere then the scouts of Tyriton would have informed Edward about it. These crazed men were stirrers, trouble makers trying to earn a coin or two from a traveller who pities them.
Edward had never given the likes of them anything other than a marvelous city to live in. It was their choice not to take advantage of this paradise. Their galavanting would not be un-noticed. Yet this thinking had seen the sun draw in, it was late, the zealots only came out in the evenings where they could scare and mug people who got caught in the dark. Edward was safe up here nobody could touch him.

He rest assured that night, knowing nothing could possible go wrong.