Dennis, a questing knight of Bretonnia, has been exiled, after falsely claiming to have seen the grail (he was questioned after some suspision from his close friends who then suggested this to the Duke). His honour had been shattered and he left on a quest to drive the evil out of Musillon or die valiantly trying (more of a Bretonnian slayer realy). He was followed by his liutenants Desmond and Rowland, who followed his word to the letter.

The knights were guided through Musillon by a strange old man (there's various other stuff in here but I can't be bothered to write it), who seemed to move in a very fluent way. The man took them to a castle which seemed very dark and inhospitable. There was another man waiting for them wearinf a cloak of black who conversed with the guide. Eventually the knights were aloud in the castle where the cloaked man gifted them with various gifts which he said would help the knights to defeat the evil. To Desmond he gifted a suit of armour which was gifted with re-enforcing magic to protect him. To rowland he gifted a book, which seemed to aid his forsight so he could see something happening before it did, thus he could dodge sword blows easier. and to Dennis he gifted a finely wrought Shield, an heirloom of musilllon which made enemies less likely to attack him, a crown which gave him devine protection and a syrange casket which the man said had the power to make a person age rapidly where he stood.

The knights rapidly forgot of their quest as they were taught secrets by the man of the castle which he said may expand their life to some amount. The power of the items gifted to them seemed to be making the knights change somehow, food it seemed no longer gave them all of the sustinance they needed, they permenantly had a thirst which would not be quenched by water. The man who turned out to be called Romanovf von carstein eventually told them that they were being changed and he had made them into Vampire thralls. As soon as the Knights heard this they were dismayed, how could the lady have deserted them to the point of letting them be taken in by this Vampire.

Dennis imediately took up his sword and swore that he would destroy this Von carstein and drink his blood as vengence. He charged and cleaved the head off the vampire drinking deap of his blood. as Dennis stood up he was aware of the man who had guided them here in the room. "What has happened to us" asked Dennis. The man explained how they had become Vampires and had taken over the land of Romanovf. He lead them to a window which looked into a courtyard. Below them were a horde of degenerated peasents, knights were ranked behind them. All of them it seemed were alive, if only just.

the old man who turned out to be a wraith tought them the art of dark magic. Desmond was just of small proficiency learning how to turn himself into a wolf, Rowland similarly learned how to summon creatures to his will, but not much more. Dennis however ever since drinking Romanovf's blood seemed more powerful, he learned how to do many things. Eventually the knights left Musillon with their army of peasents and Knights and set off on a crusade to destroy Vampires around the old world, so that no others would undergo the horrific changes that they had endured.

Basically this is a Von Carstein army (the only true vampires) which will never use invocation of nehek to summon new units (because their units are all actually alive, a little bit) and is based around Bretonnian models.

what do you think?


I've already got all of the models. The knights are various bretonnian ones (ie some grail, some Knights of the realm, some errant) which I have brought together to make an 18 man/corpse unit, to represent the various knights who have gone on the same quest but got it horribly wrong by accusing the Wraith of witchcraft. The skeletons are all men at arms (not many of them though, but I'll get more).

I'm torn between using von carstein vampires or Bretonnian characters, because I like the vampire models, but I don't know if it would fit properly.

either way, Dennis is a vampire lord (I like my characters to be hard) with a crown of 4+ wardness (with stupidity), the shield of musillon, and either the Casket of ages or the Von carstein summon wolf power. (I know the casket is in the fluff, but I think it might work better if he can summon creatures to his will) and is mounted on a barded nightmare

Desmond has the armour of 1+ save and the Von carstein power which turns him into a wolf to move (a great conversion opertunity, if only I ws any good at converting) and a great weapon.

Rowland has (I've altered it since doing the fluff) the gem of blood and possibly the casket of ages (if dennis doesn't have it) and is mounted with mundane armour etc.

I'll probably add some bat swarms, fell bats and dire wolves at some point (what von carstein army wouldn't have a few pets) and I'm thinking I might use the rules at the back of the book for the voncarstein list so I can have all sorts of squires and stuff.

Also I can use the one army (ie one set of models) to represent before (bretonnian, but very dark and evil looking) and after (ie Vampire but quite nice looking).