Many of you avid white dwarf readers will remember there were the stories concerning the four chaos lords mentioned in the prophecy of fate, well i have decided to write a few rules to represent these fell and mighty individuals. These guys are not official and should not be taken as such they are just something fun i thought you mike like to try out. These are rules for Feytor the Tainted and Styrkaar the Gloried.

Feytor the Tainted:
Feytor 4 8 3 5 5 4 8 5 9 396

Weapons/armour Feytor is armed with the pox blade and wears chaos armour.

Mark: Mark of nurgle

special rules:

Pox Blade: Magic weapon- Counts as ma great weapon, but all attacks count as poisoned attacks

Word of Nurgle: Feytor believes he carries the word of Grandfather Nurgle and laughs at the efforts of foolish mortals as they struggle in vain against his great works. Feytor and any unit he leads are immune to panic. In addition Feytor causes Terror.

Feytor counts as a Lord choice in addition he uses up one of your hero slots as well

Styrkaar the Gloried

Styrkaar 4 8 3 5 5 3 8 5 9 374
Steed of Slaanesh 10 4 0 4 4 3 5 2 8

Weapon/Armour: Styrkaar carries a greatweapon, carries a shield and wears chaos armour.

Mark: Mark of Slaanesh.

Special Rules

Chosen of Archaon:- Unless Archaon is present, Styrkaar will be your general. In addition no other lord choice may be taken, Styrkaar will not trollerate their presence drawing his followers devotion.

Favoured of Slaanesh- Styrkaar is favoured above all of Slaanesh's mortal champions in addition to being immune to psychology, Styrkaar may always strike first in close combat. If opponants also have this ability then resolve attacks in Initiative order.

Sle'zuzu- Strykaar has been melded with the spirit of Sle'zuzu and posseses unearthly abilities as a result. Styrkaar has the Aura of Slaanesh and Gaze of Slaanesh daemonic gifts.

Styrkaar counts as a Lord choice.

I hope you like these. Please remember that these are not official but a fun addition to the game. Please ask your opponants permission before using these characters as they may not be properly balanced.