The ark and its history
Garnatha or Scion of the Deep, was originally the great Fortress city of Gardek the slayer of chaos. But when the waves flooded ancient Nargaythe, the city was deemed worthy by the dark mother and was saved from destruction. To become a mighty black ark, a floating island.

For thousands of years the mighty citadel has sailed the great ocean, fighting for the witch king and against there enemies and traitors on ulthuan.

The black ark is roughly a mile in width and length and the tip of the mountain reaches high into the clouds. Sprawling metropolises of tunnels and chambers weave themselves around inside the mountain and miles of ramparts crisscross half way up, until they reach the fortress located on a great plateau, mighty towers of the rich and well associated line the out side of the mountains and a fifteen thousand strong guard keep vigil over the great cities walls.

Thousands of years back when are kin still lived in the great land of Nargaryeth the great citadel of Garnatha, guarded the weaklings of Ulthuan from the might of chaos. Many battles were thought and hundreds of Garnathians gave up there life’s for Nargarythe and Ulthuan in the great sieges of the city.

Then came the time when Aenarion perished and his son Malekith rightfully assumed the throne for himself, but was denied it. After that the traitors of Ulthuan released the great catalytic wave to kill all that apposed them. Many of us who gave up are lives for the scum on Ulthuan perished and Garnatha was nearly taken as well. But the dark mother deemed the city worthy and sorcerers cast a mighty spell which saved the fortress and turned it into the floating island, a black ark.

As the remains of the Druchii fled to Naggaroth we covered there retreat, and took on the Asur fleets, saving many more of are kin. Gardek the current leader of Garnatha was praised and awarded by Malekith for are bravery and loyalty to him.

Soon later the six great cities were built and we conquered the land from the barbarians, Garnatha stood guard in the straits of karond kar and repelled any asur expeditions that took place. Meanwhile the asur started the dwarf wars weakening themselves more.

When the hosts of Druchii attacked Ulthuan, we were there at the front, battling the navy of Ulthuan into submission and marching along the huge legions of are kin to war. Many of us died and killed here, even more increasing our hatred. for an age these wars carried on and still do to this day.

In the year -1499 the 2nd invasion began and we walked again upon the shores, many great victories were won, but a great loss happened and ancient Gardek fell at the hands of a dragon prince of Caledor.

-1356 the blood feud between us and Arnheim began as they publicly torture and execute the current vaulkhar, such a offence will never ever be forgotten.

During the 3rd war of ulthuan we danced a great duel with the asurs massive fleets, many ships of there’s and ours sank but the black ark and its large corsair fleet was to much for them and sent them reeling.

Soon later are great drachua initiates a war between us and Arnheim, we marched against are erstwhile ally’s and butcher nearly there entire army, but are drachua was killed in single combat and sent us into a leaderless fighting retreat.

The battle for Garnatha began, a small garrison lead by soon to be Vaulkhar Kornlaskiack, is invaded by a fleet of asur and for the 1st time there feet settled on the Garnatha.
A great battle in the tunnels of ark commences with they are army being outnumbered 3 to 1, but our skill and the enemies stupidity prevail and every one of the asur our put to the sword.

A great fleet sails out to the old world and after months of raiding and campaigning thousands of bretonnian slaves and green skins from the badlands are captured and sold on the market.

Kornlaskiack valeheart

Humble beginnings

Kornlaskiack had very humble beginnings, born in the sprawling metropolis of the ancient Garnatha he had to live and fight for his life from a very young age, as his mother and farther were sent into battle and killed by the Asur scum when he was only 11.

When he was barely 17 he joined the ranks of the militia spearmen to get the food and shelter he desperately needed as he had to rely on pillaging and stealing slaves and selling them before for food. Soon after his induction into the ranks, Drachua Vorsaklien sent the Garnatha to war against the city of Arnheim for a blood feud that had begun 2345 years ago just after Nargaythe was lost. He marched in ranks of thousands of Garnathite spearmen across the plains of arnheim and laid siege to the great city. Months passed until the Drachua Rakarth of the city finely sallied out and the head of nearly the entire populace and charged the ranks of Garnathite. Thousands of Druchii swirled in a bloody unforgiving melee at the centre, Kornlas hacked many miserable Arnheimite scum to death and impressed many of his peers, he revelled in the gore and blood splattering over his armour as if an acolyte of khaine.

The battle continued for many hours with hundreds of warriors on ether side dieing, until the two Drachua, after hacking there way through dozens of Druchii each, met each other in mortal combat. Vorsaklien was vicious and skilled as any would expect but the Dirty Rakarth was just quicker, and managed to after minutes of bitter struggle, managed swipe Vorsakiens head from his shoulders and with that the leaderless demoralised Garnatha army routed, Kornlaskiack himself did not run until he was forced to as he could not understand why they routed, vengeance now called! and he slayed many more enemies before seeing that the situation was hopeless and reluctantly retreated.

After the death of Vorsakien the previous Vaulkar took over, the coward of the name of Yriaela, and seeing the amount of dead in the battle, sent a messenger to the city to cancel the feud . Arnheim accepted, but firstly tortured the messenger to death to add to the embarrassment.

Kornlakiack remained a spearmen to he was 167 which he was then promoted to lordling and given a small fortune by the Drachua. He led his company, the drannaches of Islon, for many more years defeating many in duels, such as dwarfs, humans, and high elves.

When he was 267 he took out the Asur prince Lanita Savlin in personnel combat and gained much renown, and the army he was in, was starting to look to him for leadership even though he had low rank still.

On his 300th year he took command of his army when on the attack of a high elven watch tower, the noble leading the force was impaled by a bolt thrower. With the cunning and experience he had earned over the years the easily ransacked the out post and looted it. After the battle he was given the Nobles share of the loot and his tower on the ark.

soon later Kornlaskiack got a young manitcore form Karond kar and named it, Sarcoth bringer of tears.
the beast was incredibly strong for its age and even though its huge price kornlaskiack was determined to take the beast ,unable to afford it he eventually slayed the beastmaster and now hangs his head from sarcoths reins. Since then kornlas and sarcoth have developed a trusty, yet very competive bond, with each one trying to outdo each other in battle.

Almost 150 years later after much raiding on the old world he managed to convince the Drachua to stage one of the most daring actions of his life, and the Battle of Garnatha was done , with many high elves were trapped and killed and a there entire fleet destroyed. Yrieala had no choice to appoint him as the new Vaulkar and award him with the blade of the hydras kiss, as the wielder the vaulkar had died in the battle, or risk his life as nearly the entire army was under complete control of Kornlaskiack.

to this day Kornlaskiacks name spreads fear through the people of ultuan as one of the greatest warlords of Garnatha. It is said that soon he will forcefully take the idle drachua Yriaela throne from him as he has nearly already gained control of most of the army, fleet and is feared by the citizens.

Many any things are on the Vaulkars mind now as the 4th invasion of ulthuan is closing in. and his revenge upon arnheim still awaits.

The battle for the ark

Kornlaskiach vale heart stood precariously on top of his Manticore ,He surveyed the scene before him, almost a hundred high elven ships with graceful white sails, swiftly closed the gap between the corsair ships. He saw now as large bolts darted between the ships impaling corsairs and sea guard alike, already the outnumbered corsairs retreated around the sides of the black ark. As planned the high elves were going to foolishly land on the sleek grassy fields at the foot of the black ark Garnatha.

He dug his heels in and with a growl, his manticore sarcoth to off. Years of planning, bargaining and cunning murder had got konlaskiach enough power and influence to take care of the defence of his home. He and his seers had taken huge risks to get this ambitious battle in motion and if it went wrong he was putting his life and the entire black ark forfeit, even now the ships of the enemy were readying to land.
Months and months of vicious raids and baiting and the weaklings on Ulthuan had finery mustered a force to retaliate with, he smirked at how ill prepared his enemy were.
The manticore landed on the plains outside the main gates, he looked up upon his home and saw the great cliffs littered with ramparts, walls , an keeps worked into the cliff sides ran up the mountain. A sense of pride flowed through his veins; this was an ancient tower of his home land and one of the last relics of Nargaythe. The land that had been flooded by the duchies hated kin on Ulthuan.

Loreal swankin, looked in dread upon the floating fortress, something wasn’t right, the ramparts and walls were abandoned, but his mages and seers had predicted a decisive victory, as they had seen that the armies of the black ark were away on campaign, only a small garrison remained. One of his retainers approached and reported that the army was nearly ready , to attack.
“Good? he thought as he returned back to his place in the ranks of his bodyguard.

“Fo’lankin n’ar? called out the lead drucchi captains in his native tong of Druhir. As three scores of spearmen slowly marched down the tunnel towards the huge gates of Garnatha ,in ranks of ten which was all the tunnel allowed in the cramp space. The gate was the only entrance to the ark and the tunnel was almost quarter of a mile long as it buried deep into the hard rock of the mountain, witch lights were the only source of light and hundreds of murder holes and arrow slits lined the curved arch like walls of the tunnel. The column came to a halt about sixty yards from the gates.

Screams of pure terror erupted form the rear hawk ships as sarcoth released his grip on the spearman and he plummeted to the ocean, Kornlaskiach howled in excitement as he leapt from the manticore, onto the deck of a ship, he whipped out with his sword at a surprised sailor, smashing in the mans skull, blood splattered on his armour and he felt it grow stronger, as another sailor swung at him with a bill hock , he blocked it with his shield and smashed the hilt of his sword into the mans nose, breaking it in a crunch of bones and blood, he then beheaded the high elf with the razor sided edge of his shield, thick arterial blood went everywhere, and Kornlas revelled in the slaughter , screaming
Sailors ran everywhere grabbing weapons to defend them selves ,with a howl the high born charged into a group of mortified looking elves , he stabbed frenzied into the first mans chest as the second one jabbed into his khietan with a dagger scratching his leg, in return Kornlaskiach Kicked the man in the groin and disembowelled him with his sword, than man fell clutching his vitals as his life blood poured away, as kornlakiach danced round with a whirl of his blade murdering the remaining warriors that approached him.

Loreal looked horrified from the shore as three of his sailors plummeted into the ocean with a wet splat. There was a madman ripping a bloody path through one of his ships, in a bezerk rage he had only seen from the brides of khaine. He felt relived as the manticore returned to its master ant the two fled from the ships with arrows flying at them. Eager to get on with things he ordered his huge army forwards as a complicated form of notes played from his musician. Unsurely a force this size wouldn’t even dent a fully defended black ark but this was a different matter he noted the gates were still open , and found it suspicious but was not to worried.

Noble Kasr bislas captain of the 1st company of Garnathite spearmen looked forward at the light at the end of the tunnel, as rank after rank of white garbed spearmen gracefully poured through the gates. Reluctantly he ordered the retreat as dread lord Kornlaskiach had ordered at the council. He wanted the back ranks of the scum to be at least thirty yards in before any blood shed commenced, as then the temple witch elves and executioners would sweep out the cliff side caves, and trap the elves in the tunnel were they were at mercy to the druchi.
“ a good plan he thought but would I survive to the outcome? he thought

Kornlaskiach jumped clumsily from his manticore, now drunk with the blood shed an adrenaline, he tried to concentrate on his last part in his plan as he worked his way through the labyrinth like streets of the ark, which had never seen the light of day, he had roughly one more mile to cover until he reached the battle, that he knew was about to commence under his feet.

“Sa ‘an’ ishar’ ka’leth dos’la kas’ialan? Screamed Kasr bislack as he charged down the tunnel with his men into the ranks of the high elves, a thunder clap of steel screeched as blade and spears met. He swung his heavy halberd and took of a high elfs arm. He looked across the line of battle bodies began to pile up as the butter struggle between ancient enemies erupted, swords and spears smashed shield aside and blood flowed freely as the scrawling melee, took up the entire tunnel. He watched proudly as he battered a high elf to a pulp, as his men ripped through there hated kin with skill and ferocity and as bolts rained down from murder holes taking a heavy toll upon the hated kin. The a high elven commander approached Kasr bellowing a challenge, which he accepted he blocked a blow to the temple and then slashed repeatedly with his halberd cutting the man in half. Laughing in his victory he didn’t notice the sword master aim a stoke at his throat.

Kornlakiack emerged from the secret tunnel on the hill side, he could see before him that the Witch elves and executioners had already trapped the high elf scum in the tunnel by charging them in the rear, he could see bitter fighting as the frenzied acolytes of khaine butcher the high elfs as if they were lambs.
All that was left would soon be only the moored fleet.

He ran up the granite plateau in front of him to the ancient horn of Garderk the hydra lord , it unsurprisingly was shaped like a great multi headed hydra and was made of ancient white marble, approaching the holly artefact he gave a prayer to the dark mother, took a deep breathe and blew, a horrible Wailing multi toned screech emoted form the horns, white light seared his eyes and burnt him but he kept blowing until he went into unconsciousness.

The high elves ships burned brightly in the night sky as they slowly sank to the dark dragons below, pillars of smoke rose up from the ships and hug pyres of high elven bodies the fire lighting up the plains and mountain. Drucchi surrounded these symbols of victory and celebrated with drink and torture of slaves.
“a fitting end to such incompetent fools? kornlaskiach growled victoriously to his rather diminished body guard of retainers. The remainders had reported that Kasr bislas was killed during a duel but managed to kill his opponent first, and Vorskien and Doran had simply been lost , properly mistaken for a spearmen corpse.

It had been a brilliant victory, a massacre with seven thousand dead and three thousand prisoners, this was a victory even the witch king would respect.
As after he had blown the great horn the corsair ships attacked the defenceless moored high elven ships, and killed everyone and burned all the damaged ships.

He took a sip of the wine, its hot taste he could feel drip down his throat as a pair of Autarii garbed in black cloaks, dragged a very rich looking high elf.
“dread lord we found this scum lurking In the forests to the northeast he decided to flee instead of die like a true leader.?
“what is your name coward? Kornlas spat in his face.
“Loreal swankin, of yverse and commander the army? he chocked, blood up.
“ well commander ,if you led your men to battle at the front you might have had a chance, but skulking away like that is, just typical of your cowardly kind. Hand him to the temple they will deal with him well ,but I want his skull.? he said as the two shades dragged the frightened prince away.
“there are many more things worse than death, Loreal. Remember that well.?