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    Dwarf Historical Accounts

    Hi everybody
    As many of you probably know, I have become a veteran of slayer dwarfs for near 6 months, and have fallen head of heels in love with the dwarfs in general. I really appreciate fluff in general, and constantly find myself coming up with very elaborate stories befitting my army. I thought that it would be cool if we could list our own histories of our own strongholds. Here’s mine everyone...

    As many of u probably realize, Karak Azul is famous for the workmanship that is their weaponry, which is sent out to al corners of the dwarven world. Quite a long time ago, there was a small war between the current ruling family of the Von Carsteins, and the stronghold of Zhufbar. Zhufbar was rather inequipped, and the soldiers of Karak Azul were called forth to defend the numerous caravans leading the weaponry to the stronghold. At this point in time, Glanvar Vampire Slayer was known as Thodin Azul, or of course Noble Smith of Azul. He was one of the most skilled runesmiths the stronghold had seen in some time.

    His father was a thane of the stronghold, and had been chosen to personally lead the caravan. Upon reaching the stronghold, his father gave him two of his most favoured axes and wanted him to go about inscribing new runes into the hilt to cause it to retain a stronger grip. He laboured unceasingly until the runes were at such strength that even if they cracked, the strength of the ensuing blast would tear the wielders opponent to bits. In the battle, his fathers own runes backfired on him when the vampire count scythed through his hands with his wicked blades and continued to cleave his father into bits.

    Though they succeeded in winning the battle, all but a few of Glanvars most trusted warriors remained. Thrown into fits of misery in believing that the runes had actually caused the death of his father, he took up the slayer oath and set out to start a slayer temple outside of Karak Azul. Adopting the name Glanvar, meaning Forgotten Exile, he returned to Karak Azul to adopt his own three sons into the temple of slayers, as a part of familial pride. In time the temple flourished and drew new stronger slayers to it. Upon reaching its greatest strength, Glanvar set out to purge the world of vampires. He has a tally of over 15 Vampire counts slain, and also impossible to tell killings of their undead minions. It's doubtful his blood fury will ever be quenched, but while Mannfred Von Carstein still lives, he will fight to eliminate him to redeem his honour as a runesmith for killing his father.

    I really want to hear your fluff as well.

    --- Please try to correct your spelling in the future and avoid using Internet speak on the forums. It’s difficult to read and gives everyone a headache.

    For the same reasons also try to paragraph your posts.


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    I don't develop such extensive fluff for my armies, but here's the little I've come up with. My dwarves are the reminants of a fallen hold, one that went to the realms of men for shelter after their eviction by the orc hordes. They found refuge as craftsmen in the lands of Tillea, slowly building a hold under the city. They sell their services as craftsmen and mercenaries, building their finances and skills for the day when they can attempt a reclamation of their homelands, or the founding of a new mountain city.

    This fluff is largely generated from bits of the 6th edition dwarf book, talking about refugees from the old holds. My clans colors are green and blue, any clues what fallen holds those represent?


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