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Thread: Gorgits Rise

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    Gorgits Rise

    This is my First story ever, so tell me what u think, i hope there will be more.

    Gorgit didn’t even bov’ver looking at his army, the sounds it made were all he needed to know his horde was massive. His sight had been set on the Empires Lands, full of slaves and food asking to be claimed, and the army that stood in his way. But this isn’t where this tale begins.

    Gorgit had been frown out uv his tribe, or more like fled when his pwevious Warboss, Skrazz, beat the snot out uv him. Gorgit had been a general for the great Orc, but was growing a bit to much for Skrazz’s liken. Gorgit managed to escape, in shame, but alive, and fled to the mountains, knowing ther’d be a foolish tribe of goblins somewhere up there. To his surprise, he found a rather large group of the lil runts, but didn’t take any time to kill there leader.

    Being cowardly lil runts, they obey’d Gorgits every command. He led them down the mountains, conkeren a few smaller tribes, and slaughtering all who opposed him. Gorgit didn’t care what happened, he simply wanted revenge on Skrazz. Gorgit knew if he ran in, in Orcy fashion, he’d end up beaten down again, or ma be even dead, he had to do sumthin Orcs rarely do, think. After a few days, thinken of how he’d kill Skrazz, he gave up and slaughtered a few unlucky night runts, then looked for his runty shamans. He made um think of sumthen, which was a good choice cause at this rate, He’d kill his army be for thinken up a plan.

    At last they did it. Mixien different Erbs and Fungusis, and multiple tests un runtys, there great shamans found a way to melts the insides of anyone unfortunate enough to digest (forcefully with the runtys) the Potions contents. But how’d they get Skrazz to eat it? Gorgit knew what to do. He had these shammys make dozens of these potions, and gave them to a few hundred unlucky runtys. A few stupid ones actually ate these abd melted seconds later, screeching in pain, while the rest of the army laughed. After a good 5 minutes, Gorgit orderd the runtys to charge towards Skrazz’s encampment. While the rest of the army stood far enough away to be hidden from sight, inside a nearby tree bed, watched as his small army was massacred.

    This of course was his plan, he wanted some stupid Orc to bring one uv the potions to Skrazz and hope he drink it. Of course, Gorgit forgot to relize that Orcs ar greedy and wouldn’t giv it to um if he didn’t know about it. Minutes after the massacre, Gorgits army broke out in laughter, partly because they jus watched there “friends” get murdered, and partly because of the Cry’s of Pain they herd from those stupid Orcs that drank the potions. Gorgits plan had failed him, but he didn’t care, the good laugh made him happy (for an Orc) and he gav’vered the main force of his army. The bulk of it was Runtys, wit about 200 orcs here an there which had all formed as his personal body guard.

    Within the hour of the first attack, Gorgits Tribe charged. Skrazz had no idea hat was going on, considering he had gobbos charge him wiv’vout a Orc in site, and then 30 or 40 of his Orcs suddenly melt. This would confuse even a hummy, but all it did was make him mad. Skrazz’s army was not even close to bein ready fer a large battle, and Gorgitz was pleased by it. When his line hit Skrazz’z, he chuckled as his saw gobos getting smashed to bits, but focused right on the fight when he finally reached it.

    Gorgit knew what Skrazz looked like, and knew he wasn’t fighting yet, but why?, he had no idea.

    “SKRAZZ!!! WHERE AR YOU? COWARD, ITS ME GORGIT!!!!” Gorgits yelled as he smashed in an oddly familiar Orc face.

    There was no replie, but a few odd looks from Skrazz’z army as they looked at Gorgit. They relized he had grown bigger since he fled from the village, and a few even fled themselves as him and what was left from his body guard steadily pushed threw Skarzz’s lines. Finally breaching threw, killing countlss Orcs, and a few Stupid runtys that got to close, Gorgit caught site of Skrazz, and he knew why he wasn’t fighting. Not bein prepared for the first small wave, Skrazz hadn’t been Armoured up for battle, and caught a unlucky gobo arrow into his gut. This didn’t kill him, and never would alone, but it gave Gorgit the opportunity he needed for revenge.

    Gorgit told his Body guard to surround the 2 of the Orcs, but to try not to kill anyone else, well knowing that in a few moments, these Orcs would be join his tribe by force. Skrazz was disappointed, not because hes was about to lose his army, or that he himself is about to die, but because a mere runty single handedly caused his fate. Gorgit charged Skrazz, and simply smashed the Wounded Orc to the ground with his sheild. This was no challenge, but it was all Gorgit needed, as hes spat on Skrazz before quickly stabbing his mighty sword into Skrazz’z Chest, slowly killing him.

    Gorgit bellowed into the air “I AM GORGIT, YOUR NEW WARBOSS!!!” and with that, the fighting stopped, What remained of SKrazz’s Force still greatly outnumberd the hand full of runtys, Gorgit, and his bodyguard, but there pure stupidity of there being an Orc better then there leader was present, and quickly joined his tribe. Gorgit quickly began to command his army, starting with a feast on those who were foolish enough to die, and all he, himself could do was chuckle as he looked down on the ground, and saw a half melted Orc lieing there.

    From this point on, Gorgit was a Warboss, He had an army, and after the great feast of his arrival, marched onward, conkering all tribes along the way until his army was so massive he had no need to conker tribes, as they simply joined him on there own will. And now his first real war was about to begin, the empire had amassed a questionably large looken force to halt his invasion.

    Gorgit didn’t even bov’ver looking at his army, the sounds it made were all he needed to know his horde was massive. His sight had been set on the Empires Lands, full of slaves and food asking to be claimed, and the army that stood in his way.

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    My english teacher would be crying at that, i know its for effewxct but fix your spelling.
    PS Chaos could so pwn gorgit

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