This was a real battle, but i had inspiration to add it to my tale when i was writting about it, so this will be happening at the same time as the forst story Gorgits Rise

“Hold The Lines!!!!” Thrash Commanded as the Giant stone hurled into a poor gobo, mounted on his spider steed, but this was not necessary for his mobs of orcs merely chuckled as they saw the little runty get squashed. Thrash also found it amusing, after the firing of the little runty’s 2 cannons, and 20 gunners and the only thing that managed to kill anything was the stone thrower. He declared his army to advance, but the stupid Gobbos on spiders couldn’t stop bickering with each other, and held up a squad of boys behind them.

He commanded that his shamans obliterate some one, but was angry when his gobo Shaman, failed to inflict anything, and his bigger Shaman seemed to be killing himself with the Great Green. Furious with there failure, he commanded this spider riders to open a volley onto the Runty’s, until he relized that there was only a pile of smoldering green goo where there were, and a flying machine of some sort above them.

“Incoming!!!’ he Roared as a cannon ball raced through a mob of orcs beside him, slaughtering 8 of them. After a nasty old look from Thrash, the mob managed to keep it in line and continued the advance with the rest of the army, and there fearless leader, riding in his luxurious chariot. Only then did he realize a Cannon ball had imbedded itself, mere inches away from his Chariot.

“haha nothing can stop me” he laughed as a giant stone smushed 3 gobbos in a mob to the front.

“ Letum Loose!!!’ a Goblin yelled as 3 fanatics wooshed out of there mob towards the flying machine that happened to be a little to close to the ground. SSMMAASSHHH!!!!. The machine had been destroyed, along with 2 of the crazy ballers who managed to collide.

This time the gunners opened up and manage to take out 2 more orcs from the same mob as the cannon did, but break they did not.

“WWWAAAAAGGGHHHH!!!!!!’ he roared as his men opened up and ferociously charged into the little armored runtys, but as he said that a cannon ball raged through his beautiful machine. Thrash merely stood up and continued behind a mob of his boys, noticing a red hairs dwarf alone next to them, this would be easy.

His other group of spider Gobbos hit first into a group of gunners, and actually were winning, but those stupid Runtys don’t know when to run. A mob that had been able to reach the little ones without a hit failed to kill the little buggers, then realizing there was someone special in there.

“FIRE” Thrash yelled back to his beginning position where he launched 2 flying Gobbos into a mob of dwarfs, slaughtering 8 of them, Thrash’s mobs were cheering in glory, exept the gobos hwo manged to get hit by there old Baller Friend, killing 5 more of themselves. The lines where holding, so Thrash ran at the little red haired dwarf and quickly killed him with a swing of his 2 handed axe, this was no fight.

(Dwarf cannon crew)
“Hey Grando, see that stupid orc sitting out there all alone?”

“ya I see him, so what?”

“I bet you 5 Bucks I can hit from here, no rolling or anything”

“Oh, you’re on fatty, there’s no way you can do that”.



“EY Boss, Were Loosin Over Here, We Need Sum Help”

“I AM Thrash And No One Tells Me What TO DOOOOO!!!!, Come Here U Meesly Runt”



Dammit, (Grando Pass’s other crew member 5 bucks)


“Uhh Ohh” Said the mob of orcs as Thrash’s whole line began to break off, and flee, and sadly managed to get caught by the little runtys, With ! Last Attempt to save this battle, the wise orc Shaman tried to use his abilities to slay some of these dwarfs, but Gork Would Have Non of this and slaughtered him for even attempting to cast spells greater then his power.

“To The Mountains” the Gobbo Shaman Screamed as he fled to the hills,

“We Need TO HIDE!!!” “Ill Be Your New Leader NOW”