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Thread: Skaven VS Trees

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    Skaven VS Trees

    Gray Seer: Bell 25 clan rats f/c ratling gun
    Chieftan BSB banner of burning hatred
    Warlock Engineer
    Assasin weeping blade
    25 slaves
    25 clanrats music banner warp fire thrower
    20 Night Runners
    20 plauge monks f/c w/ chieftan and assasin
    20 plauge monks f/c
    5 rat ogers
    warp lightning cannon

    Trees (a.k.a Wood Elves)
    Tree Man(not sure of name)
    2 tree spirit spell casters
    20 dryads
    20 dryads
    10 dryads
    10 glade riders
    4 tree kin
    4tree kin

    The Trees got first turn having only deployed Drycha in a unit of 20 dryads 4 treekin and the glade riders choosing to keep evreything else in reserve. The glade riders moved foward as well as the tree kin and dryads with the Grayseer disspelling all magic ending the trees turn. The skaven without knowing that magic negates the trees saves only advanced the plauge monks. In the magic phase the Gray seer cast plauge on the dryads and killed many while the engineer killed even more with warp lighting and storm deamon. Plauge bounced to the tree men but didnt kill any and wasent in range to bounce any where else and ended. By the end of the magic phase the dryads were reduced to 8 models including drycha. In the shooting phase the wrp lighting cannon blew it self up do nothing the entire game.

    In the second turn the dice were against the forest as no units came in. The glade riders charged the monks with the banner assasin and cheiftan and the tree kin advanced. Drycha in the magic phase moved the forest in the middle of the board towards her and dissapered into it coming out behind the skavens lines. The rest of her magic was disspelled. During the assault phase the glade riders were badly beaten by the monks with there champion killed in combat by the assasin they turned hide and ran, this allowed the monks to overrun into a unit of treekin. As the monks ran into the tree kin the other unit of plauge monks charged into the fight while the night runners tried to assualt the unit of dryads but were to frightned to do so and fled of the table. In the magic phase the gray seer miscast and was wounded which ended the magic phase. As the Grayseer howled in pain from losing control of the winds the warp fire thrower shot at the dryads killing 3 while teh ratling gun got off 12 shots at the tree kin killing 1 and wounding another. The monks tore the trees down with the assasins weeping blade killing the unit save for a lone model which was over run causing the glade riders to run even farther.

    Turn 3 saw 20 dryads hit the table with a tree spellcaster coming out behind skaven lines. The treekin moved foward and drycha moved the forest at the left flank of the skaven while teh 5 man strong dryads charged teh engineer who fled while they hit the slaves rear all other magic was stopped as the glade riders rallied. The ogres moved up to meet the treekins charge while the gray seer and ratling gun sent magic and missile into the 20 man dryad unit killing 10. One unit of monks went after teh riders while another went to help the ogers.

    The game ended here because the store needed the table for the Nemisis crown campaign but it was agreed the way things were going the skaven would have won.

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    Its a shame you didn't get to finish the game. The store really should have told you that the campaign game would have interrupted.
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    The "A Smart Player Will..." theory is a complete paradox. If we make an assumption that everything we do is outsmarted, then theoretically we can never win.

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