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    Bretonnians VS Beastmen (1000 pts)

    This is a small battle I fought with another gamers beastmen at the local gamestore. I am just starting Bretonnia so i dont have much. The army lists were as follows I dont really know what he had but he roughly had this:

    -Palidin w/ heartwood lance, enchanted shield and barded warhorse
    -Palidin BSB w/ barded warhorse, virtue of discipline
    -KOTR (8x) w/ full command (Palidn Goes Here)
    -KOTR (8x) w/ full command (BSB Goes Here)
    -M-A-A (x25) w/ full command
    -15 Peasent Bowman with Skirmish and Braizers
    Total Points: 977pts
    -Wargor BSB
    -(x2) Herds of 20 Gors and Ungors
    -1 Herd of 15 Pestigors
    -(x2) Packs of 5 warhounds
    -Tuskgor chariot
    Total Points: 1009

    Setup: The field was barren except for a small grove of trees in opposite corners of the board, one on each players corner and a small hill near my table edge. He deployed his herds in the center with the pestigors smack dab in the middle of his two other herds. His wargor stood in between the pestigors and beast herd on one side and the BSB on the other. His warhounds took one flank while his chariot took the other. I deployed the trebuchet on the hill and the men at arms directly in front of it. Both KOTR units took positions on either flank with the peasent bowman screening my battle line.

    ...Gwayne stared silently and grimly out at the massed beastmen horde arrayed before him. To his left the men at arms shifted uneasily as did the bowmen in front of them, they were badly outnumbered. On the other side of the foot soldiers Damien his banner carrier scanned the line of the beastmen. It was going to be a bloody day. Turning toward his men he bellowed out loud "Pray to your Lady my brave soliders, we shall need her deliverence this day." As the Bretonnians knelt their heads in prayer brazen horns echoed around the valley signaling the enemies advance. When he raised his head he saw that the line of infanrty in the center had edged up only a little and the warhounds and chariots raced ahead on the flanks. He raised his hand and signaled the bowman and trebuchet to fire. Lifting their arrows from the braziers the peasent bowmen sent a hail of firey death at one of the packs of loping warhounds.

    Howls of pain filled the air as the firey shafts cut down the lead pack bringing a cheer from the peasents. THe trebuchet fired its deadly payload aiming for the chariot. With a sickening crunch the stone crushed the chariot beneath its weight, smashing the beastmen manning it to pulp. Gwayne shouted praise to the lady for guiding his mens aim and accuracy. Seeing their flanking manouver all but ruined the beastmen surged forward hoping to come into grips with with their enemies, howling for the loss of their kindred and human blood not yet spilled. The remaining pack of warhounds scampered behind one of the herds waiting until close enough to flank. The peasent bowman drew back their shafts and released another firey volley at the dreaded pestigors. Several shafts struck home but only two fell. The trebuchet launched another boulder at the pestigors and again landed on target. The massive stone slammed into the ranks of the pestigors instantly killing nine of them. Even with their banner their and their lord the desiesed beastmen panicked and began to flee eventually out of sight.

    The beastmen surged forward again coming very close to the peasent bowman. Realizing they could not shoot the archers charged forward engaging the beastmen in a sucidal attack to by time with their lives. No beastmen fell and to Gwaynes horror watched as the two herds slew all the archers. They carried forward but both fell short of the bretonnia battle line. Gwayne signaled and the trebuchet fired again, Gwayne praying it was a good shot because they were so close....and again it landed on target. The trebuchet smashed into the left herd maiming and killing eight of the dreaded chaos scum. But their morale held as their bsb was nearby.

    Raising his blade Gwayne bellowed "charge!" and the squads of knights slammed into both herds with deadly force. Out of the corner of his eye Gwayne watched as his BSB squad slay five more beastmen. THey fought back but to no avail as every blow was defended. Losing the combat they turned to run but the brave knights pursued cutting them all down. Gwaynes squad thundered into the herd in front of him, his lance alone taking two of the hated beastmen down and his knight slaying another four. A beastman ran forward and slashed open the knight to gwaynes left chest plate open. The brave kinght fell blood pouring out of his chest. The beastmen disctacted on the knights failed to see the men at arms until it was to late, flanking hard they slammed into the beastmens left flank roaring and stabbing madly.

    This unskilled fighting was rough but somewhat efective as two more beastmen fell. But in return four men at arms were slain at the hands of the chaos scum. Surrounded by bretonnians the beastmen held miraculously fighting to the death. The wargor flanked Gwaynes knights and slew one of them while the beastmen in front directed most of their attacks at the men at arms slaying five more. The warhounds charged toward the second squad of knights coming to support Gwaynes belegured squad but failed to kill any of the proud horsemen as all were trampled to death beneath their iron shoed horses hooves. The beastman banner carrier bellowed a challenge and charged into the bsb knight squad as well slaying one knight, its bravery was short lived as it too was cut down.

    Gwayne and his knights reltaliated slaying all but three of the beastmen. The men at arms moved in and cut down two more on the halberds leaving only one ungor and the wargor. Unable to face this the one beastman broke but feel to the onrushing men at arms.
    (Following Narrated For Effect!)

    The lone Wargor stood on top of the pile of slain men and beastmen bellowing out challenges to any who dare oppose him. A brave man at arms ran forward but was gutted with expert ease and collapsed screaming on the pile of bodies. Seeing Gwayne it bellowed a challange and ran forward bloddy weapons branished. Gwayne spurred his horse forward and rammed his lance through the creatures heart. The fire in its eyes died and Gwayne casually kicked the corpse off his blade. He raised his sword in victory and bellowed "To the Lady and Bretonnia!!" his cry was answered with a roar from his survivng men.

    A very fun battle i thought. My MVP definetly my trebuchet as it shot miraculously well this game. My archers did good too before having to sucide charge them (gulp). He strategy had been a good one meaning to draw out my knights with his flanking units so his battle line of herds could flank them and win by the weight of numbers. Tell me what you guys think (note** i am new to bretonnia so if i made any accdental things i shouldnt have let me know) Hope it wasnt to bad! :drinking:

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    Nice report, that trebuchet of your did do a great job.

    peasant archers are fantastic in a brettonian list and do wonders every time I see them.

    Nice win.
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    Once again, great writing. Thanks for taking the time to compose it. I like your narrative approach to the report.
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