2000 point Dwarf vs. Orcs and Goblins with a Pitched Battle - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 point Dwarf vs. Orcs and Goblins with a Pitched Battle


    Thane Grudgebreaker heard there was news from his rangers that a manageable sized Orc force was moving through the outskirts of the mountains. Grudgebreaker was so anxious to get out and smash some greenskin after his recent victory over an Orc force just a week before. His personal runesmith, Steelbeard, had advised Grudgebreaker to perhaps sit this one out and wait for the dwarfs to have some more ale, but then reports came in that an Orc big boss had defeated a dwarf army in which that general had a shield taken from his dead hands which held a Master Rune of Spite and gave the big boss an ability to live after cannon shots. Steelbeard realized that it was a curse for an Orc to carry any armor into battle made by a runesmith. Steelbeard yelled out to Grudgbreaker, “Not only do we go to battle, but we must find that which is ours!”


    Thane (General Grudgebreaker)
    Oathstone, Shield
    Stone, Cleaving, MR of Swiftness

    Runesmith (Steelbeard)
    shield, spellbreaking x2, dismay

    Thane (BS
    MR of Gromril, Striking

    Dragon Slayer

    10 Quarrellers; Shields 120
    19 Warriors GW, Musician (BSB here)
    19 Warriors Shields, Standard, Musician (General here)
    17 Warriors Shields, Full command (Runesmith here)

    Bolt thrower; Engineer/bop
    Bolt thrower; Engineer/bop
    Grudgethrower; Accuracy
    15 Ironbreakers Standard, Musician, Determination
    10 Slayers

    Flame cannon

    Black Orc Lord (General)
    Drog’s ard armour, Gnasha’s (??), GW

    Orc Hero
    Light armour, Lucky shield, GW

    Orc Hero
    ‘Ead buttin hat, Shield, Light Armour, GW

    20 Orcs FC (#1 O)
    20 Orcs FC (#2 O)
    20 Orcs FC (#3 O)
    20 Orcs FC (#4 O)
    15 Orcs FC (#5 O)
    20 Night Gobbos, musician, 3 fanatics (#1 N)
    20 Night Gobbos, musician, 3 fanatics (2 N)

    Rock Lobba with boss
    Boar Chariot extra crewman
    Boar Chariot extra crewman

    20 Black Orcs FC, GW, shields

    Turn 1:

    The Orcs won the dice off and chose to go first (something that I as a dwarf player like as I like going second.) The orcs marched up as fast as they could but orc unit #4 squabbled, and lagged behind. The giant moved between the 4 trees on my right side and everything else moved straight ahead. The orc stone thrower killed just one IB.

    The Night gobbos moved up so fast that the gyro was able to fly and land on the flank of NG unit #2 and could steam gun both units of NG, however before he could finish his flight move 3 fanatics popped out. The first two did nothing but get in the way of the giant. The last of the three was pushed out with such force that it smashed the gyro with 5 wounds! Could not believe my luck, I fired my ST and it misfired! My FC was able to fry two orcs and force a panic check on the BO, but nothing could shake them. My crossbows were fired off, and slew 2 orcs in unit #2. My BTs were unable to wound the chariots, and so the threat was looming…

    Turn 2:

    Orc unit #5 squabbled. One fanatic strangled itself with its chain, another hit the giant and caused 1 wound; the last rolled another 12 and flew past just missing the slayers! The chariots continued the movement toward the BT, and Orc unit #1 moved up to the base of the hill on my left side. As the Black orcs marched up he Lord yelled that both night Gobbo units move up even with the other units of orc. As they did, NG unit #1 came close enough to let their fanatics run loose. Two of the fanatics fell short of their intended targets (the IB and the unit of GW warriors) but the first fanatic slammed home and took out 3 dwarfs wielding GW. The orcs who had squabbled just a bit ago, marched up to catch up, and the giant moved toward the slayers, looking for something to shove into his sack…

    There was a lone stone falling from the sky and the shadow fell on Grudgebreaker. There was a young dwarf warrior in the back of the unit who burst through the unit to try to push his leader from harms way. He tripped over the corner of a shield, and toppled forward falling in the back of Grudgebreaker throwing him to the ground. The large stone landed, and the warriors all lifted the stone to try to save the general. As they lifted the stone, they found a squashed dwarf. Fearing it was their leader, they heard Grudgebreaker, “If one of you we lads push me in the back again, you will have more than a stone to worry about!” The unit ranked up and marched on…

    The IB decided their positioning was good and stayed put, but the slayers moved in front of them slightly to get their hands on that giant. The Unit of GW dwarfs moved away from the fanatics, and the other warrior units moved up as well. Steelbeards unit had their left flank covered by the forest as they turned slightly to the right to face the coming Black orc Lord. The lone DS moved into the forest, anticipating the coming orcs, as both BT fired their bolts as one of the coming chariots. Both hit home and destroyed it. At the same time, the FC shot and made orc unit #3 panic and run a bit. Crossbows were let loose to kill another 4 orcs in unit #4. The Grudge thrower was fixed and ready to fire next round. Charges were a comin’ and Steelbeard licked his lips…

    Turn 3

    The horn of dismay that Steelbeard was carrying was so loud it could be heard from the chariots on the left and the giant on the far right. The Black orcs and the remaining chariot were so close to the blast they could not hear the Black orc boss call for a charge. However the Giant was so stupid that he thought the horn was for him and charged the slayers. Orc unit #2 thought they saw the Black orc boss point for a charge and they decided to charge themselves into the unit that held the general of the dwarfs. The dwarfs stood their ground and readied themselves to slash a bit of skull.

    Meanwhile the fanatics were still whizzing about and one hit the unit of NG that fired it, but another 2 were far more deadly for the dwarfs. One fanatic slammed into the IB dealing out 5 wounds! The other fanatic slammed into the Flame cannon and did an amazing 6 wounds to the cannon! Although the NG unit had taken 2 casualties, they could not help but laugh at the silly dwarfs with all their armor doing nothing for them. The orc unit #3 that was fleeing from the FC rallied and right side orc unit #5 moved toward the trees to their left looking for some action. The NG units both marched up, unit #1 toward the unit of warriors with GW and the other to the IB unit. Orc unit #1 realized there was a lone Dragonslayer looking for some kills, and they turned to their left to face him, while the chariot overcame its dismay and moved up toward the BTs. Orc unit #4 moved delicately between two fanatics between the two hills on the right side of the dwarfs.
    The Rock Lobba was fired at the IB to put them out even further, but was scatted over them 10’’, directly onto the Dwarf Grudgethrower. The Mega hit was so hard there was no escaping the destruction, and the crew was slain by flying shrapnel from their own machine. Luck remained with the Greenskins, and Grudgebreaker began to worry, but he was too concerned about the orcs that were charging him and his unit.

    As the orc unit drew near there was a challenge called out in crude dwarf tongue. Grudgbreaker saw that this was the infamous orc big boss that held the shield which belonged to the fallen dwarf general that Steelbeard told him about. Grudgebreaker gladly accepted the challenge and was able to fight off the swings from the orc boss with ease. When Grudgebreaker swung his great axe he found he was able to hit the orc with such ease it was almost silly. Grudgebreaker thought to himself, “That runic shield will soon belong to me.” However the magic locked in the shield was able to defend the orc from both wounds the great axe would have caused. Nonetheless the Dwarf unit was more than able to defeat the orcs, but was just short (1’’) to catching the fleeing orcs. There was no need for crying as Grudgebreaker now looked directly at the flank of the Black Orc unit and looked to charge.
    Meanwhile on the dwarf right flank, the slayers took only 1 wound from the giants club and were able to slash a wound into the giant in return (despite rolling four 1’s on six attacks!), both units refused to move from combat.

    The IB declared a charge into the flimsy NG unit #2 and the dwarfs with GW charged the other unit of NG. While General Grudgebreaker with the recently captured standard of an orc unit, charged into the flank of the dismayed Black orcs. The Dragonslayer knew he would be charged and so he moved to the flank of the orcs that were looking right at him, hoping to force the orcs to follow him and not go for the Quarrellers. As Grudgebreaker hit the flank, Steelbeard’s unit of warriors moved up to face the front of the Black orc unit taunting the lord. The Black orc laughed at Steelbeard because he saw the two spellbreaking runes that would go to waste this battle, because the Lord had just last week eaten his goblin spell casters.

    On the left flank the BTs were looking to smash the chariot and they both hit home but were only able to inflict 2 wounds on the chariot, and the crews knew their time was growing short. On engineer muttered to himself, “I wish I had not requested the rune of penetration be taken off this BT…” The Quarrellers looked about and saw nothing to shoot at and had a beer to celebrate their few kills and waited for an open shot.

    Even though the IB were able to kill 4 gobbos, the gobbos were able to roll a 3 to stay in the fight. However, the dwarf unit that held the BSB were also able to kill 4 NG but forced them to run because of their overwhelming ranks. Although not able to catch them, the warriors were proud to do what the elites had not been able to do.

    “The beauty of hitting flanks, is that they do not even see you comin!” thought Grudegbreaker as he and his unit dispatch 3 of the black orcs while loosing only a single dwarf. The Black orcs were in such disarray the Lord called for a tactical retreat as he knew his unit was much faster than the stunties. However, this particular unit of stunties were upset not to have caught the previous engagement and rolled at 12 and overtook the Black orcs and the snarling Lord. The slayers held the giant in place and there was a feeling that all was not well for the orcs, and the fighting had just begun!

    Turn 4

    Orc units #1 and #4 squabble about what they are going to do while the chariot charges the BT on the far left. The engineer fires his pistol and is able to shoot and dislodge some of the hull, but it stayed in tact. “That thing is one shot of fallin apart! I better reload.” He thought. A fanatic swirled around the IB and another slammed and did 5 wounds on the unit of dwarfs with GW. (He was on fire with the dang fanatics!) The warriors panicked and ran toward the center of the battlefield. Both fleeing units rallied thanks to the musicians in the units. The orcs faced the now fleeing warriors. Orc unit #3 oved to face Grudgebreaker and were determined to gain the banners from their fellow orcs back in order to show them as trophies to the clan in order to show their big boss should be the new general/leader now that the Black orcs are gone.

    The Rock Lobba misfired and took a gobbo with it, but would be okay to fire shortly.

    The charging chariot was not slowed down by the lone bullet, but rather did not even flinch as it decimated the entire crew of the BT. The remaing BT was okay but shaken, they turned their machine to fire one more shot and be done with the chariots!

    The Giant bawled again, and the slayers were still unable to strike a blow.

    GW wielding dwarfs came to their senses and rallied, and turned to face orc unit #3. Steelbeard moved his unit up toward orc unit #2 looking to finish the job. While behind them there was a loan cry of anger as the Dragonslayer charged the flank of orc unit #1. The fully ranked up orcs were not scared of the loan slayer and took the charge, little did they know what this fella could do.

    As the chariot had moved from the battlefield, the BT was able to kill 2 orcs in orc unit #2, and all of the crossbows missed their targets due to the beer.

    The Dragonslayer killed 2 of the orcs and the others were too scared to fight back, the DS was so outnumbered that normal men would run, but the slayer thought, “finally today will be the day my oath will be complete.” He stuck around to seal his fate. The slayers on the right flank however were annoyed they could not seal their oaths and taunted the giant to swing his club. The giant obliged and killed 6 slayers. There were only 3 slayers left but they still held. The IB duffed all of their attacks (four 1’s) and the gobbos save the one hit, and force the IB to test with a -1, but all is well.

    Turn 5

    The greenskins were determined and focused enough to pass all animosity and declare some charges. Orc unit #2 declared a charge into the GW wielding dwarf unit which had the BSB, and Orc unit #3 charged the general’s unit. Both orc units had big bosses in them and both big bosses were looking to prove themselves as the next general. The dwarfs stood their ground.

    The chariot that had run off the field came back and moved just short of the BT on the left flank. The remaining fanatics move toward the edge of the battlefield. The Rock Lobba was being fixed. NG unit #1 moved to cover the flank of orc unit #2. The orc unit #5, who had not seen a lick of battle, moved to hit the remaing 3 slayers in their right flank, but feared the giant would kill them before they could arrive.

    As close combat rolled around, the dwarfs were in control and had the momentum. So the orcs did the only thing they could do and declare challenges to the dwarf general and the BSB. Both big bosses trying to prove themselves and both dwarf characters too proud to back down, went at it. The BSB and big boss locked in stalemate, unable to penetrate each others defenses. But the dwarfs in the BSB unit smashed 5 orcs to death and made the orcs run 9’’, and still unable to catch them.

    The other big boss challenged the dwarf general Grudgebreaker. Grudgeberaker’s runic weapon began to strike with such swiftness that he was taken off guard when the big boss slamed his head into Grudgebreaker’s face! In a moment Grudgebreaker went from top of the mountain to six feet under with a killing blow from an ‘ead buttin ‘at! The dwarfs stood and watched Grudgebreaker fall and forgot how to fight for a moment loosing in combat and were forced to flee. The orcs so ready to gain the trophies the dwarf unit had gained rolled so high there was no way for the dwarfs to outrun them.

    The giant looking to kill just three slayers jumped up and down and killed only 2, leaving just the one lone slayer in an epic struggle.

    The IB killed 4 NG and finally broke the gobbos but were unable to catch them even though they had rolled a 5! The Dragonslayer continued to kill orcs in the flank, and the orc unit #1 was continued to be troubled by the DS.

    The dwarfs were stunned by the loss of Grudgbreaker when a rogue ‘6’ popped up for killing blow! The IB charged the NG unit # 2 and fail. The giant killed the last slayer and the dwarf bolt thrower crew was so arrogant to fire at the chariot without the knowledge of the engineer that it missed! The Engineer tried his best to shot his pistol at the chariot but failed to do any damage. He yelled out, “You fools! Your arrogance just sealed our fate!” The Dragonslayer continued to slash and kill without taking any wounds back.

    Turn 6

    The orcs who had just killed Grudgbreaker run toward the table edge to claim a quarter and to escape with their trophies. The NG unit #1 charged the GW wielding dwarfs and the chariot charged the ill-fated BT crew. The fanatics did nothing in terms of damage but continued to twirl around and around. Orc unit #2 rally and face Steelbeards unit, readying itself for a charge, but the NG unit #2 ran off the battlefield.

    The Giant and orc #5 move to gain control of a table quarter and the Rock Lobba fires one last shot and hits with a bullseye in the middle of the almost completely full unit of dwarfs with Steelbeard in it. The rock killed 9 dwarfs and left the unit in shambles, killing just about ˝ of them. The chariot killed all of the crew but the wiley engineer dodged the whole thing and fired just one shot with his pistols (I did not know in CC you have 2 shots with the pistols on the first round!). His tenacity kept him alive but he did not know for how long.

    The NG unit that had charged the dwarfs did nothing and in fact lost the combat and ran and this time were caught and hacked down.

    In the final stage in the game, the tide had turned in favor of the orcs. They had control of too much of the field, so Steelbeard did what he could do and charged the orc unit #2. His charged inspired the GW wielding dwarfs to charge orc unit #4. Although the dwarfs killed many orcs, both units locked in stalemate as the orcs passed their tests. The Engineer at the BT was too fast for the chariot and he was able to save his life and find another crew that hopefully, was not so stupid.


    The orcs got 2 table quarters, and killed the dwarf general and captured his units standard. In addition to all of the kills he was able to rack up 1501 VP’s (if I had the rules straight for contesting quarters it would have been 200 VP’s less than that).

    The dwarfs ended up killing enough orcs to gain 1035 VP’s.

    Bottom line the Orcs ended up with a minor victory. If I had known the rules for contesting table quarters, it would have ended in a draw I believe.

    This was a great game. I love to play the greenskins and they love to play me. The first two turns it very much felt like the orcs were going to win, they chopped up my Gyro and were able to do much damage with the fanatics, even killing my FC on turn 3! However, the rune of dismay literary stopped the momentum it was unbelievable. I am a convert of this rune over the challenge rune verses O&G! After that thing went off in turn 3 things fell apart for the orcs. He charged in a lone orce unit toward my general, which was dumb, but he thought that since they only had HW and not GW, his orcs would hold. Little did he know there was a Thane of Pain in that unit, forcing them to run and set me up for a nice flank charge into the Black orcs which I then killed with almost ease.
    Turns 3 and 4 went all for the dwarfs and things were looking so bad for the orcs, then the unthinkable happened, my general died to a single die that was rolled before he was able to use his rune of swiftness that had killing blow. That stopped the momentum for the dwarfs and set it more for the orcs.
    Turns 5 and 6 were the dwarfs trying to gain back what they lost and they did a great job. In the end I think the dwarfs were able to come back even with the orcs forcing the Minor Victory (again, might have been a draw).

    Some things that I learned are:

    1) A lone Dragonslayer is amazing if he can pick his fight. He held up an entire orc unit the whole game without taking a wound and forcing so little attacks back it was great.
    2) Always fire the BT with the engineer no matter how close the target is. This was a stupid decision on my part and I guess it would not be a game with me without a dumb decision.
    3) Be more careful with the gyro when triggering fanatics. I could have moved the gyro in a place to trigger the fanatics and still been in a safe place to dodge all but 1. Better still I could have waited unit turn 2 to move and trigger the fanatics. Lesson learned.
    4) I will take champs in units that have characters. I did not as I was trying to save points, but I will do this from now on in order to insure I will at least avoid that surprise of a challenge.
    5) I will rethink the rune of preservation.
    6) Magic was wasted for me. I took a Runesmith, 2 spellbreaking runes, and had a runestone, all wasted for the magic defense. I find this is a weakness in the Dwarf army. The other armies know we will not have magic and so they do not have to take magic defense. IF they do not have to take defense and know we will have points put into Magic defense, as well as our 4 default DD, they could force more points into CC units and skip the Magic points. Thus we have points we will not use and they can have 100+ points more in CC that we have in magic defense we will not use that game. Right off the bat, if you are playing against dwarfs and do not bring offensive magic, more than likely you will have a bout a 200 point advantage in CC (I had about 100+ points in magic defense and he had that many points more in CC units.)
    7) I still love this game.[

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    Thanks opie357, for the very entertaining read. You added many nice details(crossbow men drinking beer, later missing target) that brought smiles and laughter. Seemed like the best kind of game where both sides seem as though they are going to take the victory, and at the end, it slips one way or the other. A good n' proper slug fest!
    Thanks again,
    The legions of Palos[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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    Wow, great report. Thanks for taking the time to type that up. It must've taken a while.
    Painting Videos--My Warriors of Chaos--WHFB Tactica Index

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    Great report with a lot of characterizations in it.

    As a fellow dwarf player, I love fighting the accursed greenskins, always a comical battle with many twist and turns.
    Keep up the good work ridding the world of the vile greenies!!!

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