Game played tonight at my local store against a good friend with an evil list.
My list:
Count, walking death, crown of damned, black periat, great sword
Necro, lvl2 dispell scroll, Book of Arkhan
Necro lvl2, power familiar
Thrall, wolf form great weapon, flayed hauberk
20 zombies
20 skeletons
23 grave guard
5 bats
7 ghouls
7 ghouls
6 wolves
7 wolves
black coach

His list:
Beastlord, great weapon, mark of nurgle
Bray shaman, staff of darkoth
Bray shaman dispell scroll x2
Battle standard bearer
three 16 man herds
three pack of 5 puppies
two packs of 3 minos
4 chariots
a giant.

I lost the scenery roll and some trees appeared in the middle of the board. I put a hill down and then some more trees appeared. the middle of the board was closed in on both sides by the forest.
Set up:
I deployed both wolf packs on one flank, facing one wolf pack plus minos. I deployed a pack of ghouls on the other side facing some puppies. I then deployed my wights facing the four (;o) chariots and my zombies and skeletons either side. my coach was screened by ghouls and the bats started behind my lines. the giant faced the coach and the herds where deployed one to each side, facing my skeletons and zombies.

Turn one.(VC)
Very little to do, I move the line forward a little, trying to encourage an early attempt at charges from the wolf packs. I also moved the ghouls to near charge of the chariots with the coach behind to try and get a charge from them. Magic was uneventful as my attempts to cast where poor and I miscast ending the magic phase.

Turn one (BoC)
The two herds ran through the forests, the giant lumbered towards the coach and the chariots manuvered themselves for a charge on the dire wolves on my left. the minos headed towards my center. The magic pahse saw three ghouls blasted apart with a magic missile but they pass their panic check.

Turn two (V.C.)
The thrall declared a charge on the chariot nearest him, which fled leaving him open to attack. The ghouls and black coach charged the giant hoping to fell the beast and the wolves charged the wolves who fled from them leaving them near the minos. the rest of the infantry moved to support the assualt in the center. Magic was uneventful, curse of years failed although i raised 10 skeletons for my unit. In combat the combined charge of the ghouls and coach reduced the giant to one wound, not enough. it took three off the coach in response and then passed its break test.

Turn two (BoC)
The herd with the beastlord charged the coach, a chariot charged the ghouls and the minos on the left charged my wolves. my thrall was charged by two chariots. The magic phasehad an attempt to move beastmen in which was scrolled and that was that.
In combat the str7 beastlord bounced off the coaches ward save and the other beastmen failed to hurt it. the chariot ran three ghouls down though. in return the wraith managed to kill the giant which fell and wounded the beastlord and bray shaman underneath it. the coach died to combat res however and the beastmen pursued the remaining ghoul to his death. The thrall was predictably squashed under the wheels of three chariots, and the chariots overran into the corner of my board. wolves vs minos when nowhere with bd dice each side resulting in a drawn combat.

Turn three (V.C.)
The counter attack. The grve guard charged the beastlords herd, the skeletons declared a charge on the chariot in front of them and the zombies moved to secure the other flank. the chariot flees from skeltons doing 5 wound to the minos stood behind it. the beast herd takes teh charge of the wights though. In magic again I miscast and end the magic phase, good job i havent killed a wizard yet! The close combat goes my way though and my vampire wound the beastlord twice leving him on one wound. his attacks back leave the vampire on one wound but the wights kill the fighting rank and win combat by miles. The herd flee and escape. The minos get their dice right this turn and crush the dire wolves on the left.

Turn three (BoC)
His beastlord rallies and the other herd flank charges my skeletons. The minos line up against my wights and the fleeing chariot flees the board. there are no charges this turn althought there is combat from overrunning chariots into dire wolve. the predictable outcome is chariots 1 dire wolves nil. The herd munches the skeletons but the skeles only lose combat by a few. plenty more left!

Turn four (V.C)
I charge the minos with my grave guard and they stand to fight! otherwise my army is pretty much gone. the zombies move to cover the GG flank and magic goes okay, I manage to heal the vampire back to three wounds and summon a few skele's combat goes well I kill two minos for no loss and break them. I catch the minos and hit the beastlords unit. The other combat goes less well I lose 11 skeletons in total.

Turn four (BoC) Chariots possition for charge on the GG, the other positions itself for charging the skeletons. The remaining mino herd makes its way toward my skeletons. No magic and the herd gobble a few skeletons. In the other combat I fail to kill the beatlord but he rolls ones and twos! I break him again and again he gets away!

Turn Five (VC)
last turn and I can't reach the hersd with the beastlord and shaman in..... need victory points! i hurl the wights at the chariot in the way and prepare to try and bolster my magic, I cast raise the dead which gets blocked so I try curse of years on the beastlords beastherd. It goes off and I roll a six for him, Killing him stone dead! in a further good fortune I roll a six for the shaman and some other sixes scoring me half points for the unit. I crush the cahriot in close combat and overrun into the remains of the herd. The other herd kills 9 skeletons. Theres only a few left!

Turn Five (BoC)
the last turn and a chariot charges the wights, while another charges the skeletons, no magic is present so its all down to combat. The chariot and herd against the skeletons roll amazing and kill the unit! against the wights the chariot kills 6 and the tuskgors 2! the vampire kills some herd though and the wights survive without too many losses.

Result: Draw! An awesome game but very tough. There were moments when I thought I had it and then it seemed to slip away!
N.B. the list has three herds and groups of wolves in for BoC, they didn't make it to the battlefield today from ambush! Thankfully!